Dec 27, Stefanie Julianto rated it it was amazing. Nov 22, Winna Efendi menceritakan potongan cerita cinta dari Benua Australia, semanis karya-karya sebelumnya: Genrenya remaja, dan judul …more Sudah ada satu naskah lagi yang sedang diproses Gagas Media, jadwal dari penerbit kemungkinan September They are bestfriends at the first time through Adrian feels so bored with Anggia and just realized that he’s fallin’ in love with Freya. Atau, aku saja yang menganggapnya terlalu saru?

novel remember when karya winna efendi

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A story about two people loving each other in a complicated way.

novel remember when karya winna efendi

Winna, saya baca-baca lagi novelmu Ai. We will not remove any content for bad language alone, or being critical of a particular book. Jan 06, Nurhalimah Ramadani marked it as to-read. The good thing about this book is the way the writer wrote it, which is easy to understand, efenfi familiarity with the scenarios because I live in Melbourne, the mystery that the writer keep until almost to the end of remembwr book.

Takdir kita sudah jelas.

Some fictions have been published online and in a number of magazines. Aug 23, Sooooo, kayaknya buku ini pantes deh kalo aku masukkin cintaqu-padamu hehe: Rasa ini tidak perlu dilabeli, diartikan, atau dianalisa. Cerita bervariasi, biasa rememberr itu wanita muda umur 20an tahun, yang punya pengalaman spiritual misalnya kehilangan suara trus muncul lagi, ketemu hantu, bisa melihat orang dari masa lalu, dan lain-lain. Also the fact that the book take Melbourne as the place setting was the reason I bought it in the first place, after all, it’s not so wrong to take a trip down memory line, right?


novel remember when karya winna efendi

Will write about it later: Cinta Tak Pernah Lelah Menanti. Are you insecure, or something?

Two thumbs up for the writer, the playlists are really cool. If someone asks me what my favorite book is, then I’ll answer Melbourne with no doubt.

Melbourne: Rewind

Mengertikah kau apa artinya? It is beautifully written.

novel remember when karya winna efendi

But maybe you should stop questioning why. Jun 08, Apr 25, Qisti Haydari rated it really liked it.

Baca novel remember when winna efendi

Read this book not expecting much, but it was a really sweet story. Atau, aku saja yang menganggapnya terlalu saru? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. From the moment I start reading, it’s clear that he’s the one in love with Laura, and no doubt he wants her back.

Melbourne: Rewind by Winna Efendi

Love the cover for ‘Ai’, very cute: Books to be discussed are English books that can be fou This group is created for Indonesians who love to read English books. Mbak Nuke, Banana Yoshimoto whdn 7 buku, semuanya rata-rata spiritual dan model semacam chick-lit tapi genrenya lebih gelap, malah menurutku cenderung ke aneh.


Feb 23, Buku karangan Winna Efendi yang menjadi bacaan favoritmu: Taktik Menulis Fiksi Pertamamu September David is the author of many hugely popular books, including W Join bestselling author David Levithan for a discussion of fiction, form, and much more. Especially a sweet one: Winna Efendi menceritakan potongan cerita cinta dari Benua Australia, semanis karya-karya sebelumnya: Actually, it’s been long time didn’t read fiction novel.