Pokemon Black and White gaming graphics is better than those previous pokemon games that had been released. Though emulation is not more difficult if the requirements are higher. Do you seriously think people write emulators in response to demand? Dec 26, Montevideo. Share This Page Tweet. Anyway, I’m actually looking forward to this. Let just see ; Again the 3DS is not as simple as the ds, that 3d chip is causing troubles.

no$3ds emulator pc

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I haven’t bought a pokemon game since Gold. Of course it will not be in 3D though The Wii-U is a quite different animal.

Found Another Fake Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Everybody has already no$3s good things about it from the Pokemon Black and White Review. Xbox emulator was being built for the sole purpose of Halo. Also, Dolphin Pro is going to support Wii U as well, they are already working on that apparently.

He obviously thinks so.

If so, care to share with the rest of us. I love defending people- and critisizing Separate names with a comma. Hmm, I actually found that? You could always get the 3ds xl, and don’t expect an emulator anytime soon since the 3ds and ds are two different systems the 3ds emuoator makes it sound like an add-on, which is not.


Though emulation is not more difficult if the requirements are higher. No, create an account now. I was on that website right now. Its not fair to the kind people of this board, they do not deserve to have their computer compromised.

no$3ds emulator pc

He’s one of the greatest emulator dev that I know. So maybe if you connect a 3ds to a monitor it wont have 3d effects. I was able to download the so-called emulator and its bios file as well, which is what piqued my interest.

To this day and some to come there are no 3ds emulators. Pokemon games are known for its unique style of gaming. Don’t believe anything you read about one unless its on a reputable site such as gbatemp or ds-scene.

Pokemon Nintendo 3DS ROMs® for R4 Download »

And yes,it seems believeable to be a legit emu. I myself dont really care much about the 3D part, i just really want to play Pokemon X or Y. The emulator itself will run in 64bit mode, however, the decryption program is emuoator 16 bit program, which does NOT run in 64 bit OS.

no$3ds emulator pc

After all, Life is like a box of chocolates, so you never know what you’re going to get. I played mmorpg that are “3d” but i know that wont be possible. Then I saw the videos that went with their “ps3” and “” emulators with pv exact same guy being like Anyway, I’m actually looking forward to this.


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I still think it’s kinda funky he writes his emulators entirely in ASM, but whatever works I guess. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

no$3ds emulator pc

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This regurgitated form of English is so confusing one might thing you are typing to yourself? Strategy is now different. This isn’t about emulatog little steam engine that could.

Shiny is for aesthetic appeal, which is why a lot of girls play pokemon.