And everyone around you. I have commandeered an SDI satellite. You never said yes. We’re not letting you go. Then I’ll torture it out of you.

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See, that’s why I didn’t vote for you. I have commandeered an SDI nikita s02e23. You know how Division feels about fraternization. Now, all you have to do is let me look at who checked out what vehicle today. Nikita and Michael, good luck. Percy’s ultimatum was pretty clear. A nuclear reactor under DC? You never asked me out on a date.

Are you forgetting about the Marines? Alex, are you there? Division’s part of government. Open it or he dies. The kind that Cortez had over the Aztecs. In the lighting tube.


I’ve never had one. Where do you want niktia meet? Everything in your life, anything with any meaning, came from inside these walls. Nikita s02e23 signatures confirm it. Right outside his office. Just lost Nikita and Michael. Your satellite weapon’s dead.


Nikita s02e23 Episode Script | SS

They’re in four-man units, taking positions along the perimeter. You never said yes. You think I’m crazy, right? So, the national mall reactor.

Homecoming subtitles English

Division’s back is up against the wall. I’m in a serious jam here. You never could resist cheap symbolism. I tried to call them off, but the President really wants Percy’s head.

I brought you into this world, and I can take you out. Until we can clean up the mess it’s made. I told you it could be done.

They were trying to draw the teams there. They’re looking for orders.

You still haven’t asked me yet. If your actions threaten that, you regroup and form a new approach. When they gave you the ability to kill, they also gave you the ability to protect.