Your access credentials are shown above the embedded window. Cannot open interface for packet sending. Select Capture File no longer automatically starts at the user’s documents directory. They are now thread safe. NetScanTools Pro is an integrated collection of internet information gathering and network troubleshooting utilities for Network Professionals.

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If a suitable or newer installed version of WinPcap is found on the host system, that Netscantools pro v11 will be loaded instead of the WinPcap Pro 4. The change in IPv4 address column is now properly sorted in ascending IP address order after scanning. Select type of offense: Prior method did not always display every responding DHCP server.

Chain can be viewed and exported. Explore the tools now. Simplifies and speeds up the information gathering process by Automating the use of many network tools for you. The 2 dimensional Timing Charts now have trend line analysis. Chart can be saved, printed or copied to the clipboard.


Each license may be installed by a single user on a desktop and a laptop as long as the user netsvantools the primary user of both. Activity indicator pointer graph was changed to a circular progress indicator.

A video showing how to use the ARP Scan Tool in NetScanTools Pro.

TCP Options are being incrementally added. Check for misconfigured SMTP servers. Now allows specifying a target SSL port other than Find visible, hidden and writable shares in a Microsoft Windows Domain. Failover from http to https no longer causes an error.

Removed old pre-Windows XP code that would not compile on the newer compiler. Thank You for Submitting Your Review,! Bulk Repetitions now defaults to Instant searching on a column basis has been implemented.

NetScanTools® Pro Edition Product Information

Now shows the presence of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses bound to each interface. ARP Scan shows all active IPv4 connected devices even if those devices have an integrated firewall protecting them from standard ping sweep or port scan methods.

Select Capture File no longer automatically starts at the user’s documents directory. The Passive Discovery Tools are used to find information from third parties or to monitor the activities of devices connected to your network. Pto to netscantools pro v11 smaller delay value may not give desired results. Adding a tool to favorites now ntescantools better, the menu item stays active even if you move your cursor outside the icon.


See Microsoft KB for methods of increasing the Netscantools pro v11 cache size.

Reformatted tool layout and made a small change to the way the previous server list is memorized. If a duplicate is found, both devices are displayed. We now have IPv6 enabled tools. A freeware program with these basic network tools: Requires Windows 10, 8.

Shown in the certificate chain. NetScanTools Pro v10 revision history is here. Where is an IP address located?