Great chorus riff and more. And all this arose from a chance remark, while admiring the antics of some captive fish, wondering what would happen if someone dropped a giant tab in the ocean! In my opinion, and I happen to disagree with most of Nektar experts on this, I don’t find the repetoire as effective and accomplished as in their debut, since the musical ideas tend to be less elaborated and more focused on repeating motifs without too many noticeable variations on them. There are, in my view, three classic prog rock albums of all time: I bought this offering recently only 32 years after if was originally released on vinyl because of the good reviews I kept reading. Rock doesn’t get much better than this! Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker.

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Nekttar guitar section in Crying in the Dark has an incredible, face-melting build, and just when you think it’s over, Nektar kicks it up a notch for the killer King of Twilight.

Nektar ups their game from their debut, the more abstract and spacey Journey to the Center of the Eyeshowing us a strong sense of energy and performance.

I can see some Hawkwind fans digging this. The lyrics of this track are suitably psychedelic, with a drug related undercurrent and imagery, along the lines of “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”. Each recording was outstanding and stands as a testament to their importance to the history of prog-rock music. This album iin pass between the ears multiple times with only “Desolation Valley”, thanks to its sci fi bass line, and the virile “King of Twilight”, perhaps the group’s tightest and most coherent track, leaving a nektar a tab in the ocean impression.

NEKTAR A Tab In The Ocean reviews

The biggest difference between the two first Nektar albums is perhaps their discovery here of their melodic sensibility that was clearly a bit lacking on the debut. While much of the music he gave me was dance and pop related, there were a few more interesting nekhar, including four by Nektar.


One thing about Nektar – each album had its own special imprint, a character quite distinct from nektr siblings. It is a veryy neektar mix I have no words to tell how this disc is good. I am surprised to notice that this album and other NEKTAR albums from their golden era are getting just a few reviews AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. It is a journey that will take us stomping through rough nektar a tab in the ocean of real heavyweight guitar action, sometimes floating lightly on a calm sea beneath the stars of some mellow verses, bobbing bemused on confused waters of quick-fire disorientating theme changes, or surfing serenely on giant Atlantic rollers as riff follows giant riff.

The sections flow into each other in a seamless continuum, and that’s good, but it’s also true that the piece was conceived in such a oceab that the complexity wouldn’t become a “problem” for the performers.

I am expecting “Remember the Future” in the mail any day now and “Recycle” is on standby in my Amazon shopping cart. Although it’s hard to ignore the slight rock feel of the album in parts, the five songs as a whole harbor the band’s surreal mien of nektar a tab in the ocean rock.

It links with the previous track. Anyway, the more you listen, the more you discover deeper stuff. I’d like to thank James Unger for the suggestion.

Be sure to check out his website listed in the ProgArchives prog links. Taking of “Tarkus”, these is a bit of a feel of two sides to the story with “A Tab in the ocean”.


A tab in the Ocean adds bands additional musical performance to their previous psychedelic album Journey. Best of all, A Tab in the Ocean completes the task of holding the interest of the fans that enjoyed their debut album. The closing section is particularly well polished and bombastic. It was only later I discovered them and soon realised the error of my ways, but I still find it sad they don’t command the same respect as Yes or Genesis.


A Tab in the Ocean – Nektar | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

A Tab in the Ocean. His singing is equally enjoyable! The best song is of course the title track, a real prog classic any symphonic rock lover will like. If I am forced to focus at gunpoint, I can indeed find pleasing work outside of those high points, particularly in the lengthiest cut, but it never quite comes together as a work worthy of its intended import.

A Tab in the Ocean

The song not the album, mind you is the prime definition of cohesive. Their sound was a progressive-psychedelic mixture of rock that was far ahead of its time.

I am looking forward to seeing where Nektar went after this well-crafted recording. There is not much more to say, I think. While there are no real head-crashing metal moments as one can find on more influential contemporaneous proto-metal bands, Nektar do know how to rock out when it suits them. It may not be the go-to Nektar album, but it’s so much fun that it’s easy to overlook the album’s shortcomings.