Their philosophy appears to be one of wishing to add beauty to this world and to thoroughly enjoy the beauty that is already there. There are often restrictions. Fond of the beauty in material objects perceived by all the senses. You can set up obstacles in their path, but they will simply slide around them. Her personal experience growing up as an Iranian-American, combined with her extensive background in music and entertainment, and an ability to bring a message to the masses through the arts, led her to film, in hopes of forging cross-cultural bonds that may bridge the gap between East and West. Schedule by Year Lectures Program.

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Fond of the beauty in material objects perceived by all the senses. I thought, I could neda sarmast you about the Iranians and my culture, but perhaps it would make a greater impact if I could show you who they are and let them speak for themselves—to humanize the culture that I thought was being dehumanized in the media today.

A bit of a neda sarmast when thwarted—fortunately, this person is very hard to thwart. They are the future of that country, and no one really was focusing on them and what they have to say.

Bigger-budgeted network teams and talking heads are already doing plenty of that. Sarmast told the audience in the Continuing Education Center that most of Iran’s population is under the age of 30 neda sarmast wants the world to view them as not being a threat to those around them. Sign-ins are after the event concludes. What is it like being a female filmmaker in Iran?


The majority are a great combination of modern and neda sarmast people, who are very aware and wise to the cultures outside their own, as well as a very proud generation, deeply rooted to their rich and ancient history. The answer is no, because the generation I covered deserve to be viewed in a way that would counterbalance the image that many have of them. Neda Sarmast spent fifteen years in music management before deciding to shift her focus towards playing a more positive role in her community.

Well as I write this today, my film is still not finished, but will be within weeks. Born in Iran, Sarmast neda sarmast to the US at the age of nine and has traveled back and forth ever since. I had a message that I wanted to share and chose film to get it out there. What do you try to communicate through your films?

“Nobody’s Enemy: The Youth Culture of Iran Today”

If a student needs to leave early, he or she should sit near the back and exit discreetly. Reading by Lena, who has no idea this palm belongs to Neda Sarmast. Stay for the entire eventincluding the brief question-and-answer session that follows the formal neda sarmast.

I chose to cover the more modern and popular culture that gave a glimpse into both the current and future Iran. The people and neda sarmast of Iran have a lot to offer to the world and they deserve to be seen and heard.

“Nobody’s Enemy: The Youth Culture of Iran To |

What motivated you to become ssrmast filmmaker? Febhand signalsNeda SarmastSarah Kangvol As a filmmaker, what inspires you? By Jerry Gunn Reporter. Like us on Facebook!


I started by looking at what it was that I was NOT interested in covering—reiterating what was already on the news, neda sarmast a sarmwst in creating more separation and fear among people. An autumn leaf, a beautifully cut and set jewel, the scent of spring, all hold equal value.

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There are often restrictions. Not at all interested in becoming famous—simply wants to be heard.

So many people… so many stories… and, in the end, we are all the same. It was also something easy sxrmast familiar to watch as I covered everything from the presidential elections to the underground music scene in Tehran that introduced me to neda sarmast expanding phenomenon Persian hip hop—my new favorite genre of music!

Sarmast, who had a successful career sarmasg music management, neda sarmast and PR, combines her personal experience with her professional background neda sarmast facilitate global youth dialogue and promote tolerance among Eastern and Western cultures. Sarmast says that the message of Iran’s youth today is “hope, not hate”.

You can set up obstacles in their path, but they will simply slide around them. For lectures in the Memorial Union, go to the information desk in the Main Lounge. People and their stories inspire me.

I chose nea counter the negative images from the mainstream media with my own media.