In that period, he worked with Jamil Bashir , and together they produced some distinguished works, such as Fog el-Nakhal and Marrou ‘Alayya el-Hilween. He extended his stay 20 more days at the request of fans. This page was last edited on 18 September , at Arabic Arab Word of the Day. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history.

nazem al ghazali songs

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Nazem Al-Ghazali lyrics

Al Ghazali will be remembered for many reasons, especially, singing lyrics nazm some sohgs the greatest poets such as Aelia Abu Madhi, Ahmad Shawqi, and Abu Feras Alhamadani. Subscribe to receive news by email. Murad not only showed Al Ghazali much love, but also some jealousy. His musical talent was discovered by his co-workers during his employment for three years as a foreman in flour mills. Being wealthy and from an aristocratic family, Murad was instrumental in introducing Al Ghazali to other aristocratic families and opened many doors for the man she adored.

He recounted the three most important elements that made Nazim so successful and unique from the other musical artists of his generation: History will always remember Nazim Alghazali as the polite, shy, well cultured, and the greatest Iraqi singer naezm his generation.

He extended his stay 20 more days at the request of fans. Arabic Arab Word of the Day. Views Read Edit View history. Arab viewers were first intrigued by his personality, attracted to his accent, and then fell in love with his songs.


Touring through the Arab World and Europe with his wife Salima, proved to be exhausting for Al Ghazali, causing him a heart attack upon arrival in Ghasali from Beirut.

nazem al ghazali songs

They are usually the two musicians most commonly seated directly behind Nazem during his concerts. The Institute demanded from all Ghazali much work and patience since he was an orphan. People around him were impressed by his powerful tenor voice and recommended him to study at the Institute of Fine Arts in Iraq.

Retrieved from ” https: Nazem Al-Ghazali’s band consisted of many prominent musicians known to the Arab world. In that period, he worked with Jamil Bashirand together they produced some distinguished works, such as Fog sonhs and Marrou ‘Alayya el-Hilween. According to many, his refined mellow voice was the finest vhazali the field. He will always be remembered for his powerful tenor voice which played a big role in his succesful career.

NAZEM EL GHAZALI – Lyrics, Playlists & Videos | Shazam

Haydar Khanah Quarter, BaghdadIraq. After Kuwait, he performed in Lebanon in 35 concerts. Approve Disapprove View Results.

Nazem al Ghazali became even more famous in the Levant Arab countries when he traveled to Palestine in with the Artistic Delegation to entertain Iraqi forces fighting for freedom of Palestine.


He was also a student of Muhammad al-Qubbanchi, el-Kabbandjione of the most prominent maqam singers of the last century. At that time, interruption of radio broadcast was reserved only for announcements about the Iraqi military.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Ghazxli Policy. The flute player, in addition to the khanoun player, nzem blind.

nazem al ghazali songs

This page was last edited on 18 Septemberat Nazem al Ghazali became very renowned for his few hits and his Maqams. Al Ghazali started his career as an actor after graduation from the Institute; he then switched to singing. Earlyhe got an invitation to sing in Kuwait in big concerts that were very successful.

His blind mother died in her humble room in one of the poorest parts of Baghdad; he was raised by his gnazali.

Nazem al-Ghazali – Wikipedia

He started his career as an songz, and after a few years turned to singing. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. He was born in the Haydar Khanah quarter in Baghdad in

nazem al ghazali songs