Mahaabalavibho- Lord of great strength,. Who does good to those who worship him seated in his grain-sieve[4] and bears the spear. Ganakaladhara Madurai Mani Iyer. The following lyrics and translations are taken from the LP recording of Prof. Oh illuminator of all infinite causes and effects in the world, the Lord of Simha rasi[2].

navagraha krithis

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navagraha krithis

Maadhavaadivinuta Dheemathe- Praised -by Lord Vishnu. Rescue me quickly Oh Shukra, Lord of the houses of Tula and Vrisa[2], and sound counsellor to all demons. Who is both God and demon[3], who removes all ills, and dispels danger from poisonous creatures like serpents.

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Ganakaladhara Madurai Mani Iyer. Only with their blessings, a man can overcome the problematic phases of life. He strongly believed that its the nine planets which are guiding through the life path of a navagdaha.

It navagrha be firmly said that Madurai Mani Iyer was the only musician to be given navsgraha credit for popularizing the Navagraha Krithis amongst the Kutchery Rasikas. Deenabandho- Kin to the oppressed. Who causes fear in people plunged in the ocean of worldly existence, and is the harbinger of calamitous events[2].

The recordings are from my personal collections and the quality may not be upto the current standards. Who wears a peculiar crown and auspicious navzgraha.

Note that the final two kritis on the inauspicious “planets” Rahu and Ketu are now considered to be later compositions by Dikshitar’s followers, added to round out the traditional nine. Oh omnipresent one, Oh Lord of great strength, Lord of speech[2], Lord of lovely Kkrithis and Mina[3], whose form is adored by Indra and the other Gods, and who is the great intellectual honored by divinities like Madhava[4].

Posted by Archana Sirsi at Each day Madurai Mani Iyer used to sing the Navagraha krithis at home, after bath, as a part of his daily prayer. Who is the bestower of the sweet art of poetry, the one of splendorous wealth.


Who does good to those who worship him seated in his grain-sieve[4] and bears the spear. Ramanathan argues convincingly that this kriti is not original, but was rather composed and added by one of Dikshitar’s followers. Who is brightly colored like saffron, whose form gives delight to Guruguha, who is the enemy of Kuja[2], the wearer of gem-studded crown, necklace, armlets and bracelets, Lord of the houses of Mithuna and Kanya[3], with book in hand[4] and who is neuter[5].

Friend to the day-lotus, a friend to all, the most nacagraha one, the thousand-rayed, the father of Karna[3], the fire swallowing dreadful sins[4], whose brilliance has delighted Guruguha[5], one who is praised by the learned, the auspicious day-jewel, crest-jewel to Chandra and other planets, worshipped by jrithis energetic, the witness to all actions, krithiw who has the chariot drawn by the seven divine horses[6].

navagraha krithis

The wave length of the violet band being less than that of blue band, the destructive capacity of the latter is expressed through delicate feelings of apparent happiness. The auspicious one, with beautiful neck, with lovely feet, bestower of auspiciousness, riding on the Goat, and whose higher aspis[4] is in Navagraa rasi[5].

navagraha krithis

Oh most esteemed teacher of the Gods, wielder of the thunderbolt[5], of auspicious markings, teacher of the three worlds[6], one who navzgraha not affected by old age and the like, unexcitable, father of Kaca[7], the divine Kalpataru[8] for those who take refuge in Him, who is a delight to Shiva and Guruguha, and the bestower of offspring, kin to the distressed, the manifester of the four phases of speech[9], an ocean of compassion.

Therefore, these two regions influence a native in opposite senses. Of the two, the band ruled by Jupiter has wave length less than that of green band and therefore its penetrating power is more and consequently its neutralizing capacity is higher but the indigo band ruled by Venus is in the vicinity of violet region and therefore has its destructive capacity higher than that of Mercury.


JagatrayagurO- Lord of 3 worlds.

Since early s, he made it a practice to sing the days Graha krithi at the concert and sincerely followed the practice till his end. Lord of the two houses of Makara and Kumbha[5], with krithie liking for the lamp lit with sesame oil and for rice with sesame seeds[6], an ocean of nectar of compassion and fearless.

Who is devoid of all illness, the author of smrti[10], uncontrolled, the Lord of the Universe, the untarnished one, who delights in the worlds and is the bestower of vigor. Whose knee was disfigured by the staff of the Lord of Death, like Kamadhenu[7] yielding all desires, the fire capable of splitting the time-wheel[8], and one conceived of as the son of the Goddess Chaya.

Mahaabalavibho- Lord of great strength. The following lyrics and translations are taken from the LP recording of Prof.

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Suraacharyavarya- Teacher of Gods. Through his devotion to the Navagraha Krithis of Muthuswami Dikshithar, he overcame many shortcomings due to physical ailments and financial problems during his life. Puraari guruguha Sammoodita- Who is delightful to Shiva and Shanmukha. Neetikartre — Bestows moral values.