Chakra – The current Chakra of your character. He fights you many times. None Well, as you first go on, Sakura will pump herself up for the upcoming battle when Sasuke shows up. Now we are gonna go down the alley way of the Picture Theatre and the Couples House. You can get a Chakra Wheel there. Naruto performs his gas attack and poisens the enemy, then Shikamaru performs his Shadow Binding attack and binds the enemy.

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Naruto Rpg – Uketsugareshi Hi No Ishi (Japan) Gameboy Advance ROM

Rpy only on human males. Don’t go down to far if you are not ready to fight Kakashi, I recomend getting to level 5, it’s always a good thing to get a head start, even though Kakashi’s battle is rigged, again.

A box with 50 Yen is in there, after you get that, go back to going North. Just press L and then attack, he’s done for. Naruto rpg uketsugareshi hi no ishi gba talk to the man in brown to the right of the Ramen Stand and he will tell you ‘Picture Theatre’. This is the ‘Right Wing’ of Konoha, here you can meet mostly Suburbs. If you feed it to Sasuke he will walk out and it will lower your bond, but Sakura will eat hers and the bond between you two increases.


Once entering you will find a desk with Iruka-sensei and the Hokage, and Kakashi waiting. He gaurds the arsenal Uketsugaresyi get items and weapons there as you move on in the gameand he annouces the Chuunin Exam Finals, and he let’s you switch characters. Keep me logged in on this device. Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke Items to be found: Well, after you are done up there with whatever you are doing, go back down stairs and make you way to the paralel set of stairs to the right of Tenten.

Naruto turns into a beautiful woman and confuses a single enemy.

Share with your Friends: Fights along side Kiba. Forgot your username or password? So you what you see? Enter the closest door to go into the ‘Storage Locker Rooms’, make sure to get the four boxes in there.

She doesn’t do anything. You’ll find a turn, ignore it for now since we are continuing going downwards. The Anime, along with the game, has never seen it’s way out of Japan, but the Manga is currently being translated and placed in the Shounen Jump of America and is being released in Graphic Novels.

Play Naruto RPG – Uketsugareshi Hi no Ishi Online

Well you see a cutscene not much after that, and it’s on to part 2 of the First Training. He defends and then you attack, this time it connects. To the left of the Storage Bank you will find the ‘Flower Shop’. Other than that he’s Rock’s and Neji’s sensei, he doesn’t do much at all. Eventually you get to a fork, move down to get a box containing ‘Chakra Wheel’, which uketsugareeshi your Chakra. Naruto performs his gas iehi and poisens the enemy, then Sakura will punch Naruto and do damage to enemies as well.


It’s just a copy, the real Kakashi was behind you.

Sasuke spits out a smal fireball at a single opponent. Check out his Uketsugarsshi at http: For giving me many guides, codes, and such in the past, this is my first time giving back.

Naruto RPG – Uketsugareshi Hi No Ishi

Steals your scroll in the first mission, and leads you to the fight with Ebisu. Well, for now we are going to Konoha Village. Okay, you will start to get into random battles of course, and I suggest before actually moving on in the game, you should level up ukdtsugareshi about level 5 before meeting up with Kakashi.

Chidori He is litterly the strongest person you can have on your team