The Creature of Kapu Cave. Boulder Finding all the Frass Samples go to sleep dr craven Password eel and sample Fertilizing Plants and Frass Turtle puzzle hook to attach cable Identyfying plants collecting frass trunk and how to open it? Go back to Camp Quigley. See it in a test tube. Head to Big Island Mike and talk to him about everything. Hear Blee, blah, blih, bluh, bluh, blah, blah, blue of the chest being opened. Go to the microscope bench and use the lens on the microscope.

nancy drew kapu cave

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CRE – Hints and Tips [Archive] – Page 71 – Her Interactive Inc. Community Forums

I heard there was a blooper? Collect as many fishes you can catch.

Enter the weight of the frass as seen on the read out on the first ,apu of the clipboard. At the very end, on the right, you can see the vines on the wall. Then the game picks up with Nancy being dropped off at Big Island Mike’s. Try it and Trade it – See different baits, jewelry beads and souvenirs for sale.


Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave – Walkthrough

How to make more shells appear? Use each sample on a test tube, and add some of the solution to each test tube.

nancy drew kapu cave

Pick up the pawn shop invoice on the floor. The best spot for the expensive Uluas are at top right area. Danger By Design Hints. Use the Bq19 on the test tube. The UHS gives you just the hints you need to solve many games.

Go to the microscope bench inside the tent. Walk downstairs, to the lockers.

Attach the hook to the ring. Then, return to Dr.

nancy drew kapu cave

Take the hook and the Hilihili security pass level 3. It appears to be a guy named Johnny Kuto. Click the up cursor on top of screen. Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer Version: Swim forwards and head left at the first split. Follow the path of the currents, in the order of the pictures: Follow the turtle current. Follow the manta ray current.


Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave

nancyy Note the plant is a banana plant. Now, we can check the PDA. Sign up for free! It activates the teeth puzzle. Quickly, go to settings and turn the volume to “mute”.

Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave – Walkthrough – PC – By The Lost Gamer – GameFAQs

When you catch the six Ulua, Frank stops fishing. Place 3 Finger Rock on map – Ride the jeep and enter type in, then tab, type You do not have enough shells to make a necklace since your box only has 4 of 2 kinds of shells. Enter and check out Kapu cave.

nancy drew kapu cave

Use the middle bottle on the bottom shelf on the shave ice.