MidnightEmei 2 days ago. Most visual novels localized in the west tend to focus on concepts of gameplay such as puzzles or point and click aspects. It was obviously coming, but still. Yuri is the most physically mature of all the boys. Him holding the knife, the merry go round, anything. Yuri seems to be the only doll aware of Tei’s true nature and tells Eri to be careful around Tei, much to her confusion. Yuri’s and Lance’s left me more satisfied and seemed more natural to me.

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The things dropped on us before ending the game seemed to set up a whole new part of the story for them: Lance is marvelous, he was my fave until Red’s route lol. It was obviously coming, but still.

Red was so worth the wait. Tei’s route is intense, that is for sure. I suppose Cheritz didn’t want to damage his dignity further. I kind nameless otome game wish there was an ending part that showed them together living normally like there is in the other routes.

His route was full of nxmeless and downs like a rollercoaster for me. gamr

So he makes the dolls come to life. And we thought we were free I’m such a sucker for that pure unwavering love and devotion. He seems to have gone insane, but if you’re a doll stuck all alone nameless otome game a room for 10 years waiting for your owner to remember you, then I think you’d be a little crazy then too. His character otoe went from being cute, to showing his clingy yandere side, to realizing that he didn’t need to be perfect for Eri to love him.


That’s right, the reason why the character select screen is a bunch of heart pieces and the reason why she disappears in the amusement park after the boys confess to her is suddenly clear.

Yes, after reading your review I’ll definitely play all routes just to have a full experience of all the boys. Tei wants to be with you forever, whether you’re in a lifeless state or not. You might be thinking “where is Yeonho on this yandere scale?

He really did love Eri, nameless otome game he didn’t know how to express that.

So I Finished 「Nameless」 《Review》 | Otome Amino

He and Eri dated a while off-screen, but because they didn’t focus on the new relationship so much, Eri’s disappearance was rather jarring. If Cheritz wanted me to feel unsettled by Tei, they certainly accomplished that.

If you like Zen and want nameless otome game, but rich, he is the guy for you. It was just a great friendship. Obsessive to the point of not caring whether the MC could literally be a mannequin with a wig on Red’s route was nice, but it didn’t feel like a romance to me. Featured post My Reverse Harem! I also felt the same with Yeonho tbh.


Review: Nameless ~The one thing you must recall~

Yuri and Eri date in secret due to the teacher-student relationship taboo. You play as Eri, a girl who lives alone in her late grandfather’s house because they were very nameless otome game and after he died, she was too sentimental to leave. You guys know what I mean. Frustrated, namdless takes her to the nameless otome game park and they ride the merry go round.

This was honestly surprising. I don’t know for sure why, but I definitely liked Yuri’s character in the end. But although he has all these good qualities, when it comes to human interaction he’s not really sure what to do. Could have been better. Most otome visual novels available to western gamers deserve a look due purely to their niche status, but Nameless deserves attention ootme more than ootome.

Ok, the thing with Tei for me was him dating my bff.