Who will tell Him of my unbearable pain of separation from Him? Did you read my previous post on dance? Is it my past which clouds the way to Him? The song sounds great with just the twang of the guitar.. The town of God is so very beautiful, but no one goes or comes from there. To present this song, I have chosen a rendition by Kailash Kher.

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July 27, at 8: I reference information freely available in the public domain.

Naiharwa (From “Kailasa”), a song by Kailash Kher, Paresh Kamath, Naresh Kamath on Spotify

So sings Kabir in this beautiful and mystical song. Hey Suja — long time no hear! I provide music for educational purposes Carnatic Music appreciationfor criticism and for comment. Indeed I enjoyed this very much! Every song is a gem. Tracking dates is easy with my calendar reminding me promptly!

“NAIHARWA” LYRICS by KAILASH KHER: Naiharwa humkaa ne bhave

When will He come to quench my thirst? Should logically be easier for us living her, but then we are both lazy and utterly ignorant!!

Thanks for sharing such a lovely Kabir composition. This bhajan is very apt for my present day guru sadhguru jaggi Vasudev Beautiful Rekha.


Naiharwa Lyrics

Guru poornima is indeed a significant day and mine was really good too. How does one transcend earthly love to find in God a complete sense ofunion and fulfilment? Contact me if you feel that I have infringed on your copyright and I will remove what you object to. Oh how this separation burns me!

I look around me and all I see are teachers and teachers. The song sounds great with just the twang of the guitar. Vedant sounds a lot fuller in it. You are commenting using your WordPress. The views expressed in this site are my own and should not be duplicated without my permission. Today is Guru Poornimathe day to naihatwa our preceptors. We have so many teachers in our naiharwa kailash kher, do we not?

I cannot see the path to go forward, One blames the past for it. There is neither the sun or the moon, nor wind or water. He, my beloved, is far far away in the most beautiful of towns where nobody comes or goes.

More by Kailash Kher

One sees in this allegorical imagery of the house of the father-of- bride,the longing of the beloved for the Almighty as in of the husband or naiharwa kailash kher earthly lover. July 23, at 8: I load them merely to facilitate access; they are not downloadable. The abhang tradition is something unique in history of world music. I have a travel bug. Naiharwa kailash kher I would like to post on more abhangs but I am much hampered by not understanding Marathi nor having access to books here.


Who will talk of my pain to God? Hi Suja — You may enjoy this minimalist version by Bindhumalini and Vedant.

Hi Suja thank you for this kabir bhajan ,this is the first time I came across your blog and will be following it now ,I was looking for the meaning of naiharwa as I was born outside India and my Hindi is not very good.