He actually looks frightened by her energy. I love you yixing!!!! Omg this is gold c c: Give that girl an award! He’s so fine and super sweet and sexy!

naega cha changa mp3

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Is this man reallyy 27? Lay you are the best Nanki Kaur: And yes, she is.

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mo3 I love her, thankyou Ellie for making all of our boys feel comfortable! Here we go again Lay: I get excited not only seeing Lay but seeing the interviewer too, she’s so funny and lovable sotia k: Wow, Lay’s english is really good and he can keep up the conversation.

naega cha changa mp3

Lay is so handsome and he’s music is so good, I hope ml3 succeed in everything! Germany Sony Music Ent. Ellie, you’re the best, seriously!!!!

The best interview ever lost my wig bcs jibooty: Although he is currently the only Chinese exo member, he is loving and affectionate towards his members and speaks fondly of them at any opportunity. She is so cute.


The most unique interview I have ever seen! Much success to him!

naega cha changa mp3

EXO is shimmy shimmy-ing my kokobop: He made me laugh so much in the part where he said “I like the world” hahahha Rommel Rivera: I am now a fan of Ellie!

The only human being allowed to interview kpop and cpop idols Nadine Ilaian: Ellie is one of the best interviewer! Pleas Arabic subject Shamena Chamga Yixing was ready to risk it all for Ellie Zi Yeol: I’m talking to fast and you keeping up with chwnga Lay: No lie this whole video I was freaking out because Lay is adorable, but as soon as she said she is vegan I died. Omg this interview was so good lol dil sad: How he taps her shoulder so carefully its funny and cute. His English kp3 not a joke.

This girl needs a pay raise!!

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Ellie is the best interviewer! Mom i love them both now DhanikaTaeTae: Lay is very innocent. I’ve watched this so many times it’s unhealthy gusti ayu: Can I get the interviewer name pleaseee, she is sooooo good everydaydreamer1: I just love this interviewer. I’m laugh all day I never chanta why so many people liked him before.