Hakan is thrilled and is no longer lonesome. Although his fame increases daily, Mete cannot forget his deceased first lover: Soon Turgul is killed. There everybody learns that Cemile is pregnant and Ali is the father. A few days later he rapes Cemile. Captain Ali is freed from prison after “The General Clemency”.

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Ali now tells Cemile to abort the baby.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They produce muzik album which becomes successful. There, the family friendship with “The Fisherman” blossoms. Retrieved from ” https: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Mete Akarsu, meanwhile, becomes famous thanks to his guitar playing, songwriting, and singing.

Selma and Cemile become friends, Selma’s mental condition becomes normal after spending time with little Osman. People of Ekram start the hunting. This article needs additional citations for verification. The series is set in and revolves around the Akarsu family. Another sister, Berrin, a university student, falls in love with Ahmet, a member of student Marxist movement, while another student, Hakan, son of a wealthy right wing man, is desperately in love with her. Though he kxko to be happy at first glance, Mete soon admits to himself that he’s been fooling himself and lying to his heart all the vrem.


He falls in love with Cemile and asks her to marry him.


Caroline is also pregnant and announces that to Ali. So Hakan decides to go live with his father and Caroline, the wife of Ekram and Captain Ali’s ex-mistress. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Ali must get a divorce from Cemile in order for Caroline to drop charges against Cemile and release her from jail. Osman gets abused by Caroline, and almost drowns in the sea while Ali was procrastinating.

Ali gets crazily jealous and promises to kill him if he doesn’t back off.

Kako vreme prolazi (muzika iz serije)

Views Read Edit View history. At this time Osman, the leading character, is grown up and a high-school student. Caroline moves in with Ali. From time to time he performs with his friends in a well-known casino. At first Hakan doesn’t like this but then wants to show what Caroline is actually like. Hakan starts convincing Caroline and starts to go on muzlka with her.


This puts an end to her and her children’s struggle with money. Soner, her husband’s brother. She has internal bleeding and gets hospitalised with all the family by serje side and Ali giving her blood.

Berrin was pregnant muzika iz serije kako vreme prolazi him. He is said to be the brother of whom Arif killed back in his socialist days. The police muzia looking for Ali. Mete, the oldest son, sets the house on fire and Ali refuses to pay alimony to Cemile with the excuse of house restoration.

She goes in the same high school with Osman. Hakan is thrilled and is no longer lonesome. Although his fame increases daily, Mete cannot forget his deceased first lover: