Mana 9 Damage x2 Damage. Name Poison Description The Poison spell conjures poisonous vines that sprout from the ground near target’s feet that may slow and poison the target. Joined May 3, Messages Likes Nobody can beat an elf in an archery contest. Forum Contains No New Posts. Moreover, it penetrates deeply through an opponent’s armor into the vital parts of the opponent.

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Requirement Energy, Command Mana 0 A.

Joined Sep 1, Messages Likes You are loged in 11uzek11 Control Panel. The setup program uses this information to remotely upgrade the secondary node. Unleashes a powerful surge of electricity that muwrb down any enemies in its path.

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The muaeb spell of the Dark Wizard, it compresses his power into a small sphere to be unleashed on muweb 0.6 target. Teleport Ally enables the wizard to summon a member of his party to his location. This spell summons spirits to fight on the side of the Sorcerer. Name Penetration Description This orb allows the elf to shoot a powerful arrow that pierces through targets. Requirement Level Mana 25 A.


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Even novice Muweb 0.6 Wizarsd can muwsb this simple technique easily. News and Updates 2 Viewing. News Manuals Development Releases Help.

Server Muweb 0.6 Mirror 1 MuServer. These savants of might and magic are known as Magic Gladiators. Requirement energy Mana 38 A. These are the most searched terms Search Cloud. Name Twister Description The Twister spell allows the caster to conjure small cyclones that can confuse the enemy when they mhweb struck by it. A technique that allows the knight to whirl his weapon around him to attack all adjacent targets.

Name Decay Description Causes falling poison balls which deal a huge amount of damage and can effectively “poison” the enemy to death Requirement energy Mana A. Magic Gladiators have the ability to master the skill of Ultimate Muweb 0.6.

Name Ice 06 Description Shoots an icy arrow that may freeze targets for a couple of seconds and deal great damage.

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Muwe Remake The Guide News and Updates 2 Viewing News and Announcements. Many Dark Knights have been able to master this skill. This makes energy a low priority among Dark Knights. Name Teleport Description The Teleport spell allows the caster to relocate himself anywhere within the screen. Muwwb energy Mana 60 A. Joined Apr 29, Messages Muweb 0.6 Moreover, it penetrates deeply through an opponent’s armor into the vital parts of the opponent.


The Dark Lord enters combat brandishing his phenomenal charisma muweb 0.6 the battlefield.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Now muweb 0.6 dark knights have become mercenaries to promote their own gain. Name Falling Slash Muwfb The falling slash gives twice as much damage than any other regular attack of a Dark Knight because he uses his whole body to increase the strength of the blow.

Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Name Sudden Ice Description The Ice spell has a chance of chilling enemies, slowing down their movement and the speed of their attack.