Updated YouTube video handler to play videos in a new tab instead of the hints page to allow users to have a better experience if they are trying to follow along. This new class gives us many new abilities including the ability to call stored procedures without using concatenation. This provides a foundation for the future. Fixed installation instructions format for IE 8 not in compatibility mode. Its just POST by default. In secure mode, server version is not shown.

mutillidae 2.1.7

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This makes the logs more realistic. Added the various commands needed when performing command injection to open up telnet on a Windows XP host.

Added some comments to index. If PHP changes so that the function has a timeout setting it will be brought back.

The JS validation is trivial to bypass. Shoulder surfing, guessing, brute-forcing, etc can be used to find these pages.

mutillidae 2.1.7

Added lots of JS filtering to login. Added hints to the capture-data.

There are lots of test scripts that the developers used to hack Mutillidae inside. Incorrect img tag syntax in rene-magritte. The whole thing was a mess. You may have to type in the internal network name manually if it has not been used before. The level 1 will just be JavaScript validation.


mutillidae 2.1.7

I changed it so that now, by default, Mutillidae only allows access from localhost CSRF token increments by a fairly predictable value in security level 1.

Added new page about cache-control. Several new features have been implemented.

TechJournal: Mutillidae Deliberately Vulnerable Web App Updated (a lot)

In secure mode, server version is not shown. One system affected 2.17 Metasploitable 2. The documenation and resources menus were not showing due to a bug in the smooth menu JavaScript file Added instructions showing how to create a self-seigned SSL certificate for Mutillidae on Ubuntu.

In security level zero, the page has no defenses.

They can act .21.7 if they want to read to contents of their own browsers session storage to see if the developer put authorization tokens or other items into the storage. Removed the maxlength attribute from the login page username and password fields in level 0. Those were removed from the index. Changed style of upper header to allow more space for logged in user text.

Advanced Penetration Testing For Highly-Secured Environments

Also mugillidae a response splitting attack because a cookie is an HTTP header. Fixed broken link to mutilildae Forgot to close anchor tag mutillidaw register. Site now allows user to switch between secure and insecure mode to allow the user to employ an attack then try the same attack against more secure code All code for both modes of operation are available for inspection and include large amounts of explanation comments for both the insecure and secure sections.


Added hints about sqlmap to sql injection tutorial and to the easter egg file Added a credit card table as a target in the database Confirmed that the view-blog table can be attacked with sqlmap. Make it super cool to be an administator TODO: Added a new page for HTML5 storage.

mutillidae 2.1.7

Be geared in such a way that it’s easy to update with new modules and hints. In secure mode, Mutillidae allows this functionality while still protecting the users from mallicous injection input.

This allows the index. Scope request variables Added mapping defenses user-info.