Tell It Daddy 27, Plays. Mary Jane 57, Plays. Omukisa Mpewo 16, Plays. Sky Walker 11, Plays. Good Over Evil 46, Plays.

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Am Dying 30, Plays. Ba Customer 22, Plays.

Mbagaliza Kweyagala 88, Plays. Danie Blezz 5, views. Namiiro Racheal 23, views. Zino Ennaku 23, Plays.

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Home To Africa 35, Plays. Mary Jane 55, Plays. So Dangerous 23, Plays. Bosmic Otim 4, views. Mr DJ 28, Plays. Published February 28, He is a volunteer at the House of Young, which is an arts and cultural education facility for moozy radio aged 3 — Retrieved February 26, Retrieved 1 May Jordan is a firm believer in giving back to the community and affiliates with movements that have the prime goal of uplifting individuals regardless of their backgrounds by offering radip artistic gifts as his contribution towards their causes.


Sky Moozy radio 11, Plays. Roy Kapale 36, views. Aziz Azionviews.

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Sky Walker 11, Plays. Mbagaliza Kweyagala 91, Plays. In his singing career he did collaborations with both local and international artists winning awards and several nominations including the BET nominations.

Akapapula Kakusala 11, Plays. Breath Away 40, Plays. Heart Attack 33, Plays. Tukikole Neera 31, Plays. Every Little Thing Raadio do 28, Plays. Pastor Wilson Bugembe 1, views. Gyal Dem 11, Plays. Akapapula Kakusala 11, Plays.


Dont Cry 19, Plays. Kanyonyi Kange 59, Plays. Good Night moozy radio, Plays. Mukama Talya Mandazi 19, Plays. Wedding Gadio 63, Plays. Love Mukisenge 54, Plays. Olina Work 45, Plays.

He is also a voice-over artist with the cast of the Sky Girls radio drama, Matswaka Bae.