We have revised the whole base of our Core framework to speed up MooTools, provide an even more beautiful API and to make it future-proof. Even if you can’t use MooTools Core in a project, you can still use Slick! The good news is that with MooTools Core 1. You get all that magical goodness for free, invented by our amazing Valerio Proietti and honed to perfection by the MooTools Developers. Xunnamius yeah, it went down and soon later back up. The main new adition is Class.


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MooTools uses a Class called Request.


Slick is unparalleled in its accuracy! In slow browsers you were able to drink a coffee while watching the specs run.

Mootools core js

Open Source License MooTools libraries are released under the Open Source MIT license which gives you the possibility to use them and modify them in every circumstance.

Today marks the release of MooTools Core and More versions 1. You will find more information about MooTools More and all its new goodies very soon once it loses the RC tag. It includes over 3, tests that cover the gamut from the wildest unicode edge case to insanely complex interactions when switching between multiple contexts and documents in more doctypes than you could stick. Dependencies can even be specified cross-package; one GitHub repository equals a package and thus can be registered to Packager.


Latest Tweets RT ryanflorence: Every file can now “provide” and “require” certain functionality. We’ve had our own implementation of Function.

In short, with 1. The only problem was that our old spec engine took forever to run in fast browsers. The main new adition is Class. We will certainly be posting much more about Slick and release a dedicated website for it.

I promise that you will love this feature! Event handlers Attach events to be updated on what’s happening! With the addition of Slick and its new standalone CSS selector parser, we gained the ability to create elements using a CSS expression.

Stay tuned in the coming days and weeks. MooTools is a collection of JavaScript utilities designed for the intermediate to advanced JavaScript developer.

More info at https: Given that we fully support ES5, we have changed our implementation to match this new standard. A few months ago, Arian and I rewrote our current engine which is now used by all major MooTools projects.

If you prefer Python, fear not! There is also an implementation using Django called Depender which allows you to do on-the-fly-building and compressing of your files. All you need to do is clone the GitHub repositories that you need, register them with Packager and build.


Index of /iip/iipmooviewer-1.1/javascript

Search for the first parent that matches ‘div. Thankful for mootools for providing an amazing code base that taught me how to program. Slick is a new official MooTools project developed by Thomas AylottFabio Costa and Valerio Proietti mootools-1.2-core.js help from a vast assortment of JavaScript heroes, villains, trolls and kings.

We are extremely happy to announce the official release of MooTools Core 1. MooTools code is extensively documented and easy to read, enabling you to extend the functionality to match your requirements. Don’t forget that you can use jsFiddle. After literally hundreds of bug fixes, plenty of new features and even a few new team members, we feel that it is the right time to provide a release-candidate of MooTools More 1.

mootools – – The best FOSS CDN for web related libraries to speed up your websites!

It’s standalone, so instead of Slick requiring anything in MooTools, Core now heavily relies on everything that is Slick. You can find a lot of packager ready plugins for MooTools Core 1. Not to mention the obligatory bizarre browser-specific bug fixes and workarounds.