All the details are on that link. At the beginning of I joined a research group at the Wyss Institute, at Harvard University , where we are working on new ways of doing educational robotics which has been my main pursuit since Goes to the last block in the same line. Posted by Unknown at 6: But in the future, it will let to configure a lot of things:


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Minibloq: graphical programming environment for Arduino by Minibloq — Kickstarter

This can even be done while the robot is running, in an interactive way, opening up a lot of unique activities. Deletes the selected block. Arduino English forum thread. Here are the cases minkbloq by the environment: Goes to the first block.

Both levels are accessed from the same app in a very simple way, and previous Level 1 code can be automatically translated to Level 2 to ease the transition.

miniBloq, el lenguaje de programación argentino para robots que llega a todo el mundo

No matter where you scrolled the program, this restores it to home position. He also was the person who accompanied me when I went to Sparkfun for the Hackers In Residence program, where we extended some of miniBloq’s capabilities.


Until now, it might not look very different from other drawing robots For several months and for the second time in his lifewe was in Africa, just teaching technology to a lot of people. The message window has two zones: Screenshot of Minibloq 0. Here is a screenshoot: One of it’s main goals is to bring closer physical computing and robotic platforms to primary schools, kids and minibpoq. Please, if you see any error even in spelling let us know it.


Think about a 4 year-old kid: There has been a lot of miniblq invested in optimizing the relationship between the number of elements blocks that build a program, and the powerfulness of that program. This small step by step tutorial was written by RobotGroup. The license can also be downloaded in Spanish in this link.


But being short does not mean at all that the algorithm is hidden minibooq not designed minibloqq the user. Here are the current shortcuts for menus: Also, it has an automatic indent system so programs always look indented:.

It’s widely used in Argentina, where just in the San Luis province, more than children has been trained with this software in public schools. There are several features that make Root and it’s companion software called Root Square unique.

miniBloq: Download

However, a preliminary Linux version can be downloaded from a branch from miniBloq’s GitHub repository. Its main objective is to help in teaching programming.


In fact, the whole arrangement is a bit arbitrary for example, the “random getter” the dice could be put miniblpq the math “gray” blocksand may change in the future.

Posted by Unknown at 2: It’s a document aimed to help beginners to start easily programming the Pi-Bot using miniBloq: Minkbloq getters return values from some special functions or from instances or objects.

When a new block is added, if it has parameters, its add-param button will be shown in red until a param is added:. Minibloques runs under Windows 3.


The minjbloq used here are the ones that you will find across the project’s documentation. And now, Linz wants to return there, specifically to Uganda. You can add blocks using the Action pickers and parameters with the contextual pickers. If you want to see a short intro, you can take a look to the video used for the Kickstarter campaign.