Additionally, some language link with DLL forms of the language runtime by default, which can be disabled if desired. This comment is off-topic for this article; please use the mailing list. Reply Reply as topic. Search mingw-users Choose Mail List: Failure reading from tarball. I probably didn’t understand your instructions right, because it fails too.

mingw gcc 4.4.0

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You can decompress and unarchive using 7za from the 7zip web site. This is just awesome!

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Who’s online There are currently 0 users and 63 guests online. Also Google gave me this link, where you maybe can download the mingw 4. I had strugled for 1 week to find this version. You will need to have an existing MinGW installation that includes 4.40.

least the following: I have a question, though i’ve not tested yet: Need another reason to go? In reply to this post by Aaron W.

Ran installer from C: Please use the mingw-users lists. Anonymous 14 February, Biplab Developer Lives here! Since until now Qt under Windows is binary compatible with minGW Thanks for an answer.


mingw gcc 4.4.0

If Microsoft tell you they can’t allow you to accommodate that, tell them where to get off! I believe I’ve followed the instructions correctly. Must put lots of new people off.

Surely a debugger is a pretty essential component?

Revision of HOWTO Install the MinGW (GCC) Compiler Suite from , February 10 – | MinGW

They’ve been added to gcc There are various activities that require willing helpers who have a few minutes to spare each week. Thanks for your hard work!!!

mingw gcc 4.4.0

While the gzip and tar commands are useful, it would be useful to state the directory name explicitly for those like me that choose to manually create the info-dir directories another way. Google only points to a similiar question from Harpal Grover, that has not been answered. I’m using a newer version of mingw 4. This will be improved in a future version.

# (fixes for Windows – MinGW gcc compiler) – QGIS

Anonymous 09 March, Daniel Dude 13 December, No worries about downloading each component on its own – everything is in one package like in the old times of Qt4. These have not yet been minga compatible with the cross-compiler scripts, but its mmingw easy enough modification to make if you compare the two scripts.


Most annoying abuses are: I propose merging these instructions into the existing instructions on the Getting Started page. If some piece of operations should be reused, turn them to functions.

mingw gcc 4.4.0

Note that it is not necessary to add this attribute to the callbacks themselves, or any other function definition that is compiled by GCC; it is only necessary for foreign functions. How do you guys do this, it seems everybody and their grandmother can do it, only just not me Thank you very much for mingw 4. I also tried and failed to get it compiled on windows.