Microsoft launched Visual Basic 1 short: Hmm Anthony, My initial understanding is the underscore provides clarify in respect of long function names to improve readability — especially efficient for those professional programmers who thought ahead acquiring the skills of speed reading in tight commercial environments for the most optimum level of productivity. Must say I agree with you on that, use what works for you, I found Euphoria in the early nineties, still use it for my projects, bit like basic but I can go a year without needing it and then get back into it quickly. BASiC helped make him a billionaire. I really want to see that game. With the release of qb 4. All of the routines were written in hand tuned assembler and could be called within basic.

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Oh the games I could have made back in the mlcrosoft with software like this! One letter variables, integer math only, etc. It only died due to starving to death for operating system compatibility issues. Again, I was there microsoft qbasic 7.1 mcirosoft both products extensively, having written two rather large applications and a great deal of smaller applications.

The acronym was shoehorned in anyway. TI Extended BASIC was coded in a much more efficient way, including things like tokenizing the common commands internally to reduce program size. This version is very appreciated by game developers in microsoft qbasic 7.1, but not exclusively. And I did do some large apps at work in Visual Basic 3 back in the windows 3.


For things which did not require speed, you could make them in basic. It is loosely based on GW-BASIC but adds user-defined types, improved programming structures, better graphics and microsft support and a compiler in addition to the interpreter.

I bootstrapped my 1st few compilers in QB. We call microsoft qbasic 7.1 a toy now, but back then it was the only microslft in town. The main challenge in programming is the coding part; this should no longer be a problem when a simple tool like Qbasic simplifies the coding process. Some I even go back and play for nostalgia!


This was meant for compatibility. There were a few releases but they were primarily slow interpreters meant to teach C. You forgot which interrupt, 5 or 7! That technique is often used in languages that have poor or no scope control like PHP.

Get QBasic – Microsoft Store

However, if coding for Windows, Linux or Microsoft qbasic 7.1 X; there are more modern and far more capable tools out there that should be looked at first.

Well, I did a pretty good job of explaining the difference in detail. You can even microsoft qbasic 7.1 modules in C for it… so C code is not far away.

Hello, World – Extended version:. I may still have a printout or my hand written code for a role playing game character generator. Ah I misunderstood the original intention then, sorry about that. Each folder contains all files of one of the eight disks.

Hell you can even make windows system calls. No need to save them as TEXT. Fricking awesome library which enabled SVGA with mouse support, animated gifs, bmp, sound wave files and microosft load an image and then manipulate it on screen.


QuickBasic Compiler and Visual Basic for DOS

Even though they can fit in smaller footprints, they very often didn’t. Leave this .71 empty. But seriously, thanks for this… I might just have to fix a few bugs in my old QB games, if only to distract me from real life for an evening. The amount of crap frameworks and oddball libraries in general that has been introduced over the years by software devs who love anything shiny and new we call these resume stuffers, because they look great on a microsoft qbasic 7.1 is my daily headache.

Basic has microsoft qbasic 7.1 been a toy language to learn basic programming concepts on. Peek and Poke — that direct hardware qbbasic you so eloquently referred to above — were not part of the original language specification. Including horrors qabsic full of SQL injection holes.

Which is entirely written in hand tuned assembler and produces hand tuned assembler. You moved a little stick man around a pixelated environment, buying and selling substances that I had heard about in movies but certainly had never seen in person.