Phonebook is used to manage the contacts information between mobile phone and PC folder. View more user reviews from this program. This software may not be the best on the world, but it does job when you ask for it. If you are using a Micromax device like me, you will find this program very handy. The interface is basic and you just need to check out the different icons depending on what you want to organize. In the Image section you can manage your image files or set new wallpapers.

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If you have a Micromax phone or tablet, you can use this excellent software to synchronize your phone or tablet data with your desktop computer. This option allows you to micfomax your audio files. Since Micromax Pc suite is a simple and easy-to-use software, it suits the needs of any kind of user. For instance, PhoneBook allows you to manage your contacts and edit them in case you need.

Going back to the software interface, we have the Micromax logo on the upper side, File, Moble, Help below with their respective options. Some of the Micromax Suite versions can be installed on the PC, others come already available upon clicking the executable.


Phonebook is used to manage the contacts information between mobile phone and PC folder. Downloads Programs Mobile Micromax pc suite 1. Micromax PC suite options overview: Pros It provides you a backup of your mobile data It is easy to install and use. Arranging your files can be a tedious task. For managing the files in the phone x26 move the files to phone.


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Micromax pc Suite 1. Alternatives which suit the same needs. The MMS need to be selected in the list, previewed with the multimedia player, new MMS messages can be created, already present messages can be edited, cut, copied and pasted, users can delete messages, upload them or download them from the phone. Nice to seer and portable. Overall, I find Micromax PC Suite an appropriate managing software system between my mobile devices and desktop.

Downloads Programs Mobile Micromax pc suite 1. Add a review Tell us your experience with Micromax pc suite 1. Plug in the phone before or after the application is loaded as this does not make a noticeable difference in functionality afterwards. This software permits users to take direct control of their phone, and manage the integral features such as the phonebook, messages or even the micromax mobile x266 pc suite contents downloaded from the web.


Micromax pc suite 1. Turorial Grapich Design and Blog Design. You can create data backups directly from the PC. Micromax pc suite 1. File manager is for handling other file types on the mobile device.


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This suite allows you to change the phone settings. Publisher Description Micromax PhoneSuite provides various functionalities for users to manage their mobile phone easily on PC side.

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What do you like most about this program? Again, basic phone management is followed here as the services provider needs to provide a management solution for its devices. It allows you to install and manage the different applications that you download from the internet. Pros Easy to understand user interface Works with the latest version of Windows File management is a breeze Easy to transfer data from phone to PC and vice versa.

The PC suite for micromax mobile helps in synchronizing, backing up suiite data and for using micromax mobiles as modem for PC. Android PC Suite micromax mobile x266 pc suite a good option for managing your Android mobile phone or tablet.