The work was demanding, sometimes taking more than twenty hours a day. General Comment As an Injun, I agree with the owl comment. My Opinion I agree with Cache Kid. More Michael Martin Murphey Lyrics. But that’s just my interpretation. In , the host of The Late Show , David Letterman , developed a sudden fascination with “Wildfire”, discussing the song and its lyrics—particularly the line about “leave sodbustin’ behind”—with the bandleader Paul Shaffer over the course of several weeks. In a way, his believing she is calling for him is a way of surrendering to the elements.

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Countrysoft rockadult contemporary [1].

Story Behind The Song: Michael Martin Murphey, ‘Wildfire’

By the dark of the moon refers to the time when the moon is full to when it is new again, and is the time that you plant crops that grow below ground, such as potatoes, beets, turnips, etc.

Retrieved June 15, The young boy has grown into a young man and still remembers his lost love, most often when autumn comes and the owl calls outside his window, michael martin murphey wildfire him winter is soon to come. Written by Murphey and Larry Cansler, the song came to Murphey in a dream and was, after a bit of back and forth, included on his Blue Sky — Night Thunder album, released that same year.

I also think a lot of it is wrapped up in my Christian upbringing: Historically correct and feels exactly michael martin murphey wildfire consistent with the mood and music. One night he dreamed the song in its totality, writing it up in a few hours the next morning. Third verse he describes how he got into the situation he is in to be waiting for the “Spectre of Death”. She is probably some kind of folklore legend. I think she was a fantasy figure to him as well.


The single continued to sell, eventually receiving platinum certification from the RIAAsignifying sales of over two million US copies. Released in Februaryas the album’s lead single”Wildfire” became Murphey’s highest-charting Pop hit in the United States. First verse describes how he watches her ride down from her families farm on “Yellow Mountain” Assumingly like he has many times before on “Wildfire” to flatland maybe the his own property, they may even have neighboring land plots; and her mother would like her to become a good rider by mastering flat land first.

Wildfire lyrics – Michael Martin Murphey original song – full version on Lyrics Freak

She is a more romantic Grim Reaper. Wildfire is a male horse, as is evident by the line, “And the pony she named Wildfire Busted down his stall” Yet towards the end, he says, “She’s coming for me I know And on Wildfire we’re both gonna go” presumably “she” is referring to the girl who died lost in the blizzard.

The lyrics are the ruminations of a homesteader who has become disillusioned with farming and obsessed with the ghost of a young Nebraska woman said to have died searching for michael martin murphey wildfire escaped pony, “Wildfire”, during a blizzard.

But that’s just my interpretation. Then he waxes poetic as he relives the fantasy of them running away together on Wildfire.

Michael Martin Murphey — Wildfire. Because that song appeals to kids, and always has, it’s kept my career fresh. No, he says on wildfire, so he’s at least on wildfire, “w’re going to ride her”, is someone else on wildfire with him?


Wildfire (Michael Martin Murphey song)

The story is from the 19th Century, when Nebraska was still the wild, wild west, the settlers lived in homes made of sod, and life was hard. She died during michael martin murphey wildfire ‘killing frost’ of the kind that blanketed the midwest in the winter of Song Meaning Try and think of the song being sung from the perspective of a pedophile serial killer of the young girl.

The night “Wildfire” came to me, Larry went to bed, and I went to sleep in micgael sleeping bag on the floor.

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So he waited for her and Wildfire I dreamed the song in its entirety. He believes the song came to him from a story his grandfather told him when he was a little boy — a prominent Native Michael martin murphey wildfire legend about a ghost horse.

Without doubt this murphet one of the most beautiful, just plain emotionally affecting songs of the ‘s. He lost those dreams in the hard winters on the prairie? Lyrics powered by LyricFind. I woke up and pounded on Larry’s door and said, “Can you come down and help me with this muprhey