The characters, the dynamics, the setting Like most of his other books, this one is well researched by Crichton but I guess not enough to hold my full attention. Airframe is a novel by the American writer Michael Crichton , first published in , in hardcover, by Knopf and then in , as a paperback, by Ballantine Books. Air safety procedures are a central theme in the novel. The twin jet plane en route to Denver from Hong Kong is merely a green radar blip half an hour off the California coast when the call comes through to air traffic control:

michael crichton airframe

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In illustrating the redundancies and safety measures necessary for every step of the airplane construction process as well as condemning the death of other publicly maligned aircraft such as the DCCrichton challenges public perception of air safety, highlighting how the blame for accidents is often directed at the wrong party.

Supremely crochton subject, turned into a very digestible thriller.

Airframe by Michael Crichton. Chang — who had been knocked unconscious during the accident and later died in the hospital — was disguised as a first officer so that no one would realize he was outside the cockpit when the accident occurred.

michael crichton airframe

View all 8 comments. Is this book good for a 10 year old? The twin jet plane en route to Denver from Hong Kong is merely a green radar blip half an hour off the California coast when the call comes through to air traffic control: From the Official Archives.


michael crichton airframe

I didn’t understand a bit – thought it to be too dense. One of those books that I liked but did not like enough. The workers begin michafl a work slowdown by purposely allowing tools to break.

Her job is complicated, because, as we gradually learn, powers within the company are trying to manipulate her and to embarrass the company so that the president of the company can be forced out in favor of another. Other than that there are just too many good Michael Crichton books as well as books about the aircraft industry.

ajrframe I honestly don’t remember every detail, but I enjoyed it. Some were even able to figure out that Michael Crichton had done a lot of his research at the Douglas facility at Long Beach later taken over by Boeing. As Vice President of Quality Assurance at Norton Aircraft, it is Casey Singleton’s job to try to protect the design’s and Norton’s reputation, especially since it jeopardizes a crucial aircraft purchase deal with China.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Airframe Summary & Study Guide

The plane went into another steep dive. Jason Read Jurassic Park as a kid and loved that. Gottshalk rated it liked it. Articles with short description. Crichton seamlessly blends the science fiction element into his thrillers, and I think that;s why his books are as good as they are.


Suddenly the plane goes into a dive, sending her husband, video camera in hand, and flying through the cabin. We have an emergency. Buy the Audiobook Download: I promised myself that I would read it again, as and when I sit in an airplane so that I could slightly visualize what was happening.

Views Read Edit View history. The New York TimesDecember 5, Novel drichton Michael Crichton.

Airframe by Michael Crichton: | : Books

So it was all because of maintenance. Finally, someone in the aircraft industry brought a real incident to my attention, and I started to write.

I wonder if the aircraft industry subsidized Chrichton’s efforts. I feel like I learned a lot about the design, manufacturing and flying of commercial aircraft. I suppose if air Whenever I want to get back in the swing of reading, I pick an easy read. I suppose if airplanes interest you, you might find some crichtin to this book interesting.