The ratio is obtained by subtracting inventory from current assets and dividing the result by current liabilities. It can be obtained by subtracting the cost of total capital from the operating profits of a company. MCM – Journalistic Writing. Actual cash receipts and cash payments. Right Hand items increase when credited.

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Return on assets is another profitability ratio, which shows the profitability of the company against each dollar invested in mtg201 assets. PSY – Cognitive Psychology. It can be determined by the following equation.

MCM – Globalization of Media. Recognize the contents and uses of financial statements. PSY – Health Psychology.

MKT – Marketing Research. Download mgt mid term 6. Real assets are tangible assets that have physical characteristics. Download mgt final mgt201 handouts Habdouts Post Older Post Home.

For instance, land, house, equipment, car, wheat, fruits, cotton, computers, etc. MCM – Introduction to Broadcasting. Download mgt mid term 7.


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We have designed this website for the vu students to facilitate mgt201 handouts with each other handotus. Return on equity can be obtained by dividing the net income with the total equity. Total Equity represents the residual excess value of Assets over Liabilities: Login to chat with Virtualians Now! PSC – International Relations. Home Books About us Contact Us.

Right Hand items increase when credited.

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The second difference is that shares last as long as the company lasts where as bonds have limited life. Nominal rate of interest which is determined with the help of following factors.

Since the assets are economic resources that are used to earn profit, it is logical to assess if the assets have been used mgt201 handouts enough to generate profits. MCM – Development Communication.

Download mgt final term 1. PSY – Educational Psychology. PSY – Developmental Psychology.


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Another difference is that the return on a bond is predetermined, i. Inventory turnover shows the number of times the inventories are replenished within one accounting cycle.

Download mgt mid term 3. While valuing direct securities we take into account the cash flows generated by the underlying hwndouts.

Download mgt mid term mgt201 handouts. Recognize how forecasting is used to make financial decisions Understand the language of finance by learning definitions of commonly used financial terms. How to download handouts. It mgt201 handouts be obtained by subtracting the cost of total capital from the operating profits of a company. MKT – Services Marketing.