Dec 23, [update] MediaCoder build [add] aspect ratio display in media information sidebar [fix] affinity option UI bug [fix] MPlayer video source causing MediaCoder crashing bug [fix] DVD transcoding breakage [fix] auto deinterlacing for DVD transcoding [update] retrieving more DVD stream properties Version 0. Sep 21, fixed with exit on startup when built-in HTTPd cannot start removed popping up video transcoding error message write to log instead Version 0. Dec 26, Download s: Jun 7, [fix] a bug in directory duplication [fix] XviD crashing issue on being stopped before completed [fix] seek bar in effect dialog not working bug when play time is longer than seconds [fix] WMV fps reporting mistake [update] German translation Version 0. Jul 21, [update] MediaCoder build [add] experimental 4-channel and 5. Nov 7, Download s: MEncoder is hacked and built into a DLL.

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Jun 7, [fix] a bug in directory duplication [fix] XviD crashing issue on being stopped before completed [fix] seek bar in effect dialog not working bug when play time is longer than seconds [fix] WMV fps reporting mistake [update] Mediacoder 0.6.2 translation Version 0.

Dec 3, [update] MediaCoder build [add] auto detection of subtitle file encoding [fix] H. Oct 5, Fixed duration not accurately identified bug for video longer than 60 minutes Added toggable gadget preview window when application window minimized Added Windows mediacoder 0.6.2 taskbar progress display Improved video preview window efficiency Built with Mediacodwr Studio Express x64 version only Version 0.

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It works on bit and bit Windows. Jul 24, [update] MediaCoder build [add] very experimental CUDA-based video mediacoder 0.6.2 scaling, deinterlacing and 3D-denoising [add] video filtering applicator option [update] Media Transcoding Platform application UI improved [fix] Firefox 3.


MediaCoder has a built-in media streaming server mediacoder 0.6.2 can be used to stream out audio and video files through HTTP protocol. New in Portable MediaCoder 0.

May 27, [update] MediaCoder build [fix] encoding speed control causing mediacoder 0.6.2 issue [fix] CUDA encoder crashing issue on x64 [add] very experimental support of VLC video source mainly for webcam mediacodr streaming input [add] encoding raw audio and video streams without muxing [update] mediscoder r [update] MediaInfo 0.

Oct 31, [update] MediaCoder build [add] automatic video bitrate mediacoder 0.6.2 by specifying bitrate ratio or mediacoder 0.6.2 output file size [add] automatic audio bitrate setting by specifying bitrate ratio Version 0. If it does the same thing I will post it here later today Review by bruce on Dec 16, Version: Jun 5, [update] MediaCoder build [add] using flvmdi utility to add metadata for flv files [update] separate FLV and F4V container [fix] parsing issue for broken files [update] x r [update] MediaInfo reverted to 0.

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Feb 22, Download s: Oct 1, File size: Dec 20, Added copying creation and last-write time from input files Added multi-pass CRF mode first-pass in CRF, x only Fixed x warning on the last pass in multi-pass processing Version 0. Sep 5, Version R8 Release Date: Feb 4, MediaCoder build Version 0. May 20, Fixed x bit-depth version mismatch in previous x64 builds this causes error 14 Mediacoder 0.6.2 missing DLL for Opus encoder Version 0.

May 15, [update] MediaCoder build mediacoder 0.6.2 automatic encoder process priority setting [fix] MP4 aspect ratio issue [update] Russian translation [update] SDL 1. Nov 21, New feature of stopping after completion of current job FFmpeg 2.

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Oct 29, improved some user interfaces improved scaling options improved x options updated Italian translation misc fixups Version 0. Jun 18, Fixed AviSynth decoding block issue Fixed a bug which may cause interlacing identified as progressive Version 0. Dec 5, updated many x options added a nice x setup extension experimental Version 0. Jan 2, [update] MediaCoder build [fix] FFmpeg audio source issue [fix] Add Track feature blocking issue on some systems [fix] browser mode mediacoder 0.6.2 not saved issue [fix] CUE sheet index tag mediacoder 0.6.2 [fix] join mode issue of audio transcoding [update] MediaCoder command line version 1.


I am on a MB connection After the encode was finished it was a top quality p encode from a p source file. MKV subtitle stream s copying works now x r x 1. Fixed 2-pass encoding issue with multiple audio tracks Updated x 1.

MediaCoder Audio Edition

Some of the included utilities are also patched to add mddiacoder interfaces. Fixed a bug in dual audio track processing Added multiple-pass H. Jan 26, Implementing parallel video filters automatic level, deblocking and deringing Updated FFmpeg git-e9dc Updated x r Version 0. Sep 12, fixed N70 plug-in breakage improved some skinned UI mediacoder 0.6.2 improved multilingual support bitmap in seperated DLLs Version 0.

Dec 2, fixed tag name quotation mark missing issue fixed extension video window positioning inaccurate issue updated German and Finnish translation added Meizu miniPlayer extension contribution Mediaoder 0.

Aug 12, Version 0. Jun 13, [fix] specifying preset from command line no medlacoder issue o [fix] several wrong display info in summary tab o [add] Czech translation o [update] x r o [update] FFmpeg r o [add] wnaspi