If this is highly unlikely, just let me know the best method of increasing my score period. Since you already have the Kaplan Premier book, just buy the following three guides: I must retake the exam between the day range. If you have, would you please post some comments about your experiences and your final score? Fall is my last hope for an MBA abroad.

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I was able to prepare for my exam for 10 days only due to my work.

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Hope this helps and keep us posted on your progress! However, remember to practice official stuff! Tocmai plecam acasa cand in spatele meu s-a auzit un boom enorm si un val de caldura mi-a lovit ceafa. Actually, I wrote exatc quant and verbal focus plans as two-month plans:.

DanaJ on February 3rd, at 6: I began by reading everything about quant I had, from the main books, and wrote all of the lipsete concepts in a separate notebook.

Crack the GMAT is easier than the real thing, so this might help explain why you were feeling confident about quant, but didn’t do so well on the exam. Shekhar on March 1st, at 9: Kurt on March mark one exact ce lipseste, at I realised that I am not too bad on CR. Regina on September 7th, at 6: It depends on what you’re looking for! Practice should be done after you’ve completed the theoretical review for a subject and not before.


Z on July 23rd, at 1: Mine was CR and I literally obsessed over it to the point that I had almost memorized some questions. DanaJ on March 17th, at 9: They’re very helpful for targeted practice in this respect, but I suspect you can’t afford to wait for them to be mailed to you, since you only have a month to go Start by browsing MBA.

Will your strategy work for it?

Aditya on December 29th, at 1: Please see if you can clear my confusion. MTJ on February 18th, at 6: It’s going to take a lot of work, but I’m sure you’ll work through it in the end.

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There are a few things that are particularly important, IMHO: I am planning to take GMAT again and am targetting mark one exact ce lipseste the range of to I meant but I hit the wrong key. Besides this one, use the OG in full confidence! The Error Log makes this an extremely efficient process, so thank you to whoever created it.


Advice me on how I should improvise on this test. DanaJ on February 23rd, at 3: Before I took the exam I had prepared for about 3 months doing OG which I thought was a waste because the questions are no way near the difficulty level of the actual exam questions and past questions from different sources like Kaplan, Manhattan Intr-un moment de nostalgie de weekend combinata cu astenia de primavara am sapat putin prin arhive si am regasit primele mele site-uri, incepand cu acum mai bine de 18 ani.

What are you thoughts.

Satyan on March 17th, at 9: I’ve got OG 12 and I’ve started practicing with that.