Supposedly he went home and recorded a set to DAT and shipped it to the promoters. Marco Carola was born in Naples, Italy on 7 th February The lights flash blue around the room as the crowds pack onto the terrace awaiting the star of the show. Every Saturday, showers of inflatable toys and confetti will fill both the Main Room and Terrace to the sound of some of the biggest artists of the moment. Ibiza, Friday evening, and the island is taking in a slow belly full of breath in preparation for the weekend marathon.

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One day he stopped making pasta and asked to play, and that was the beginning of the Marco we know today. Macro presents an incomparable program: At the back of the booth Carola, clad all in black, head and face freshly shaved, whispers orders in the ears of the production team.

Richie Hawtin & Marco Carola [DanceTrippin] Amnesia Ibiza Closing Party DJ Set

Eurostar will soon run three trains from London to Amsterdam a day Eurostar has expanded its London to Amsterdam service due to demand.

As he plays his first track, the lights change from blue to red, the signature colour of Music On, and lasers bathe the room while carolaa volume suddenly turns up to a chest crushing level. Subscribe to Living Techno by Email. Spearheaded by Italian megastar DJ Marco Carola, from its beginning in Music On has been widely agreed by industry insiders to be one of the island’s top four busiest nights. At home his selections amhesia sound sparsely produced but on the big system of Amnesia they take on a marco carola richie hawtin amnesia new meaning.


Thanks for sharing this cool article, I am making techno music and prefer using this dj pack https: That was followed up by well received compilations for Time Warp in Newer Post Older Post Home. But tonight, like on every other night, Music On is a feeding frenzy for thousands of techno fans. Many parties have come and gone in the three years Music On has held its hugely successful residency at Amnesia.

On top of all that, the fabulous night hosted by Paris Hilton in Amnesia returns for its fifth anniversary.

Amnesia Ibiza is about to kick off their marcl season Apr Claps and snares go from dry cracks to thundering crashes thanks to the cavernous room’s natural reverb and punishingly loud soundsystem. Marco Carola was born in Naples, Italy on 7 th February Home Latest News Menu. Today, he has gained the respect of marco carola richie hawtin amnesia larger US audience.

More thanpeople attended from all over the world. The lights flash blue around the room as the crowds pack onto the terrace awaiting the star of the show. Sundays will also be be different at Amnesia this season, a new event created by the club will fill the terrace ever Sunday night… A huge line up and lots of surprises to come.

Creamthe longest standing party at Amnesia and home of Trance music in the main room and house and electro sounds on the terrace. In the yearat the Shelbourne Hotel in Miami, Music On was launched and this gave a new dimension to music and clubbing.


Famed for his energetic and impressive three-deck style of mixing and long journey set, Marco has remained one of the most in demand DJs on the planet throughout the last two decades.


Lighting aside, the aesthetic is stripped back, simple. Every conceivable space is full, from the huge football pitch-sized dancefloor to the upstairs VIP areas that surround it like a modern day raving Collosseum. Search Pulse Radio start typing Nowhere is that competition fiercer than on the island’s club scene.

Marco Carola – Wikipedia

Allegedly, while crossing the border from Canada, guards stopped him, assuming he was attempting to work illegally in the US due to the massive amount of equipment in his car. His journey maroc music gave him an opportunity to work with Cocoon at Amnesia Ibiza and also with his own project — Music On.

As ever, tonight Marco is watching the world around him intently. Supposedly he went home and recorded a mqrco to DAT and shipped it to the promoters.

His gaze is firmly fixed on the middle distance, his expressionless face focussed on the crowd in front. Carolz Napoli in the south of Italy, Marco was instrumental in the development of the electronic scene in the early 90s, he took the flourishing techno Neapolitan scene to the rest of the world.

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