Windows will most likely ask you to replace the files, agree to this. For example, Veranga is just a little bit more south from leprechauns at humwich, ben qarassih is somewhere far south from there. Raamah Player Elysium Level 30 Mage. Alot of players help newcomers everyday, newcomers even message the players!!!! Von Browler Sage Elysium. World Map I made it an URL because the map turned out quite big so it wouldn’t take ages to load this page.

mapa zezenia

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Edit; Here is the Sakanrel map aswell.

mapa zezenia

Login or Register Account. Once you’ve done this select all the files in the minimap.

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Permalink 10th December Dunno if anyone actually cares, but when you are searching people, that’s kinda hmm, necassary to know each island’s location atleast close to correct. Rama Player Tipitaka Level 33 Ranger. Permalink 1st April O jogo foi feito basicamente por duas pessoas: Alot of players help newcomers everyday, newcomers even message the players!!!!


Permalink 5th September If you would take some time to remake that picture, use color picker and repair sea.

Zezenia *.map files [Archive] – Forums

Hey, guys, wanted to become sage, so here I go, I’ll help newcomers mapx other player every day, and if you need something, just message me: Socrase Player Platon Level 6 Mage. Permalink 2nd April To start off, download my minimap folder here. Dkzoom Player Elysium Level 46 Warrior. This help me a lot.

Socrase Player Platon Level 6 Mage. Permalink 4th September Raamah Player Elysium Level 30 Mage. Permalink 30th August Thanks for sharing with the community!

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New humwich map excluding the mountain. Login or Register Account.

mapa zezenia

Made this map, sadly without Humwich, because didn’t find any map: Akolix Premium Elysium Level Warrior. Everlast Player Elysium Level 27 Mage.

Permalink 31st August Permalink 9th April Tangerinee Player Elysium Level 85 Mage. Permalink 16th September MAPA O jogo tem um mapa relativamente grande veja completo aqui. That’s all, I hope you will enjoy the minimap!



mapa zezenia

I get questioned by a lot of people if they can have my minimap folders, so I thought that I might as well make a forum post about it. Tendo uma equipe grande como a da cipsoft que abre servidores novos para fechar outros antigos como dolera e inferna.

Once zezeina got downloaded the file, open it with winrar or 7zip both zzenia these programs are completely cost- and virus free. Afinal nem os desenvolvedores fazem isso….