The graphics aren’t great but it’s still good for a psp and it’s made with a pretty decent, although still mediocre, 3d enviroment. Joining an alchemy workshop is mandatory for school credits. Whenever Tony makes up ‘schemes’ to defeat Vayne’s company, she will neither stop nor encourage him. My brain wouldn’t let me spend any more time with things, and I started just nodding off mid-battle eventually. A PlayStation Portable version was released which included additional features. The game is a quest based RPG where players adventure on various missions to complete the game. Sure, like many RPG’s there can be a bit of a grind at times if you want to unlock all the skills etc, but it never really got tedious for me and I am bored quite easily.

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She enjoys teasing Vayne and his friends. This section needs expansion.

Mana Khemia: Student Alliance for PSP Reviews – Metacritic

Sulpher is apathetic, rude, and seemingly unimpressed by everything. Pwp always been a firm believer of try it yourself and don’t let reviews influence you too much, but a aliance, very low rating will always make me second guess myself in a way. The dialogue like the one reviewer said was really childish to the point of cringing. She loves alchemy, and tests her strangely unique syntheses whenever she has the time, always causing something to alliancd.

Student Alliance Scene Release: It’s a shame, because there’s likely something deep within that’s worth paying attention to, but it is surrounded so completely by problems that it simply cannot be worth the effort.


Without spoiling too much, he gets forced into a workshop by a man named Flay Gunnar and spends his time in school with his friends in the workshop. Once mana khemia student alliance psp is set on a path, she is unstoppable. Retrieved 28 January She has a very friendly and outgoing personality, but is slightly klutzy. Alchemists of Al-Revis re-christened with the subtitle Student Alliancethings have taken a massive step backward.

Since she was little, she sturent a strange illness that no doctors could fix until the legendary alchemist, Theofratus, managed to cure her. It’s free, easy and feels damn good!

Mana Khemia: Student Alliance (USA) PSP ISO

He found Vayne in the mountains and invited him to the academy. He is ordered by Isolde to watch over Vayne. How much loading, exactly? Sure, like many RPG’s there can be a bit of a grind at times if you want to unlock all the skills etc, but it never really got tedious for me and I am bored quite easily.

A new “alchemy wheel” allows the player to adjust the quality of mana khemia student alliance psp ingredient as it is added to the mix, for better or worse, in order to alter the final item’s properties as well. The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book. While a cursory glance would make it seem like Atlus finally has a friend in the import business, the chasm in quality of releases between the two publishers is becoming ever greater with each successive release NISA pumps out.


And for last, and the biggest reason why it’s still a good game to me, it’s a very long game and gives you many satisfactions with the alchemy system The game introduces a lone boy named Vayne Aurelius and his cat Sulphur.

He traveled alongside Theofratus until the day he died, then became friends with Vayne. She grew up in a small village, which may be why she sometimes seems to lack common social ideas.

Mana Khemia – Student Alliance

Take Mana Khemia wherever you go, and battle alongside your aloiance with the all-new Multiplayer mode. Retrieved from ” https: Thank you for your nomination. The Scion of Arland. It’s not bad, it’s deplorableand it quite literally leeches any potential fun out of the experience.

The Verdict I don’t actually know how Mana Khemia: He performs several miraculous acts as the game progresses, and it is eventually revealed that he is an artificial Mana, created by his famous alchemist father, who is able to grant wishes. Vayne is invited to the Al-Revis Academy for alchemy training by Zeppel, one of the professors.

In her ending, Pamela leaves Al-Revis with Vayne now a doctor to travel with him from town to town, though she does not stop her habit of scaring people.

April 1, EU: