Share This Page Tweet. But what about those people hired to keep shoppers safe? Without his taser, he is about to get fucked up in jail. Long calmly retreats back inside the mall, but the woman in the red skirt follows him in and starts swinging at his face. Darien long became an internet sensation for what he did to keep the shoppers at his mall safe.

mall cop 2 kickass

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You would expect your mall cop to crack down on out of control shoppers like this crowd, right?

There weren’t just scuffles. He went to jail.

Use a browser to access the site instead of Tapatalk. Siegfried and Roy dazzle Las Vegas, ink major show deal: No one is dumb or desperate enough to take that job. Walk me through the inventory of what you have on you. That mall looks like Patapsco Flea market in baltimore. After ‘Siegfried and Roy,’ attitudes change about white tiger breeding: This guy is so annoying!

Darien Long The Kickass Mall Cop | Know Your Meme

I mean, Kicoass tried to do what was right. Long may be alone, but he’s got a friend. Police say Long is charged with battery and was transported to Fulton County Jail. Mar 23, at Man, he got gassed after that WSHH fame and went taser-crazy!


Paul Blart Mall Cop Full Movie Torrent

But what about those people hired to keep shoppers safe? Dustin Friedland’s Range Rover found, but police are still looking for his killers.

mall cop 2 kickass

When that doesn’t pacify the crowd, long has to up the ante. You show any weakness, man, these people will walk all over you.

Mall Cop Becomes Internet Sensation

Don’t drop the soap boo I know part of you likes it. Direct confrontation is a big no-no for most mall cops, kickxss in deadly cases like this fatal carjacking at a mall earlier this week.

mall cop 2 kickass

Husband Shot, Killed in Kall Carjacking. On February 7th, YouTuber hiko uploaded a video of Long thanking Redditors and the company Taser International for sending him donations and new self defense equipment shown below. Is this worth dying for?

mall cop 2 kickass

If this is the sit talking billy bad ass flashlight waver that tased the ‘woman’ and incites the locals, he is lucky all he got was beat up. Do you already have an account? He better go build a bunker and have a seat!


22 Like us on Facebook! Performing ‘Siegfried and Roy’ takes its toll on the performers, animals: Somebody could get shot and killed. Long’s in your face approach clearly rubs people the wrong way.

Atlanta’s “KickAss Mall Cop” Taser Wielding Security Guard Darien Long Fired

Long claimed that the victim had been previously warned not to return to the mall, according to Officer John Chafee of the Atlanta Police Department. Was there perhaps a better, more diplomatic way to deal with this? Shopping seems like america’s real full contact sport, where folks sharpen their elbows and leave all that holiday spirit in the parking lot before blitzing the mall, like this crazed mob bursting through the doors of a california store. Yeah, with a gopro on it, which is probably the most valuable tool in the arsenal.

I cant wait for the Boondocks to put this out.