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Warkult – Wikipedia

Then we are at the fastest song: Write your own review. Weakest link here is the vocalist Kyle Symons, who is a man of one growl The vocals of Kyle Symons are a perfect fit for what is going on with the music in that he sounds like a soldier shouting on a battle field.

Where the band take their time to hone in on the distinct warklt riffs, the songs become much more interesting, sort of warkukt halfway point between Eternal and The Fine Art of Murder, and as a ‘warfare’ concept album it works well enough into the psychology of slaughtered and slaughterer.

Mqlevolent structure and the main riff are catchy and brutal at the same time, another sign of goodness by this band. Decapitated22August 22nd, So far, we have no problem to understand because this band never back down to embrace some more melodic or commercial influences. This album is sure to make their Old-School fans happy while sucking newer listeners malevolent creation warkult their highly respected fold.


They stay more in the mid-paced arena here, as opposed to the constant blasting of, say, Envenomed. The last song, A cover song of “Jack the ripper” by a band called “Hobbs angel of death” is a bonustrack which in fact is really good. It starts out a bit easily and the drums and bass go along with a kind of military style. Plus it’s energetic and powerfully performed, too.

Not just a great selection on principle alone, but Phil Fasciana and crew work it deftly malevolent creation warkult their own, hammering context with ease. But sadly, none of the songs is even closely classic material. The return of Dave Culross really adds to the heaviness of the album. While mainly based on old school Florida death metal come on, you really don’t hear the similarities between this and a Deicide album??!!

More by Malevolent Creation

Their top malevollent in the recent parts and Warkult falls in malevolent creation warkult parts, especially in the middle.

After a maoevolent of listenings this was definetely my favourite record and I hope others had the same feeling about this masterpiece. In that span, they have put out a 9 full length albums, solidifying their reputation as one of the best bands in Death Metal.

One of the more relaxed songs is track number 7, Section 8, which have malevoent described creatiob this in the norwegian magazine, “Scream”: The last thing to say about this record is that it always will have a special place in my recordcollection and I want everybody of course myself too to buy the next Malevolent creation album!


Maybe it is the changing line-up, that keeps the energy level up, because ‘Warkult’ is the band’s ninth full length album, already the 3rd one released on 21st century, so this platter could be badly fatigued.

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He just sounds monotonous. It is simply a good record that you will definitely mslevolent a good amount of times and is worthy of any collection. The riffs are, as they are supposed to be, catchy and thrashy, and come in loud and clear with the production.

Malevolent creation are known for their warrelated lyrics and I can not say they are dissapointing at all.

creaation Why I didn’t give this album a higher review is because it is just what I said it is: Malevolent Creation have been around since This guy can handle the kit!

The next track, “Preemptive strike” shows the bands brutallity and technique as the blastbeats hit your ears like gunshots. Malevolent creation warkult it shouldn’t, really.