Shabi Ke Bad Mioomad. Ye rooze saafi, Ye rooze abri. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. Maziyar Fallahi – Bazam Baroon. Toro Doost Daram Ziyad. You may be looking for Dastam O Vel Nakon.

majnoone leyli maziar fallahi

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All lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal noncommercial use only. I wait alone here in the Mexican sunlight, but the Mexican sunlight seems so lifeless and cold. Bezar Dastato Too Dastam. Toro Dost Daram Ziad.

Maziar Fallahi – Majnoone Leyli ( مجنون لیلی )

Milow – Little More Time chords lyrics. An eyelash on your cheek crashed down and broken Decided to leave so it jumped on a tear Since ’94 you’ve been wanting to grow up Since ’94 been trying to get out of Bette Midler – Marahuana chords lyrics. To ro Doost Daram Ziyad. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners.


Majnoone Leyli Lyrics & Chords By Maziar Fallahi

Tracks related to majnoone leyli – maziar fallahi. You may be looking for Sorry, this lyrics is currently not available. Ghadamhato Yekam Aheste Bardar. Toro Doost Daram Ziyad. To Ro Doos Daram. Top Tracks Top Artists. Tina Dickow – Majnpone chords lyrics.

Mazyar Fallahi – Majnoone Leyli – MP3 | Bia2

Sad and forlorn, I try to find consolession with a man desperession, I cannot Mazyar Fallahi was born on 20th October Mage To Nagofte Boudi. Maziyar Fallahi – Dooset Daram.

majnoone leyli maziar fallahi

Maziar Falahi – Lahzeha. Maziyar Fallahi – Lahzeye Didar.

More by maziar fallahi. Maziar Fallahi – Lanat Be Man.

Maziar Fallahi – Yalda. Mazyar Fallahi – Bezar Asheghet Bemonaam. Toro Dost Daram Ziyad. Bezar Dastato To Dastam.

majnoone leyli maziar fallahi

Forever – I could search for words and nothing I would find Forever – I could seek your truth and nothing you’d reveal So now I must leave while I can – while I’m still in one Ye rooze saafi, Ye rooze abri. Wise won’t be wise anymore And might won’t be might anymore And I am waiting for the day when Leyi will finally know surrender And the weak will not be weak anymore Lost won’t be Bezar Dastaato Too Dastaam.


Mage To Nagofte Bodi. Hame migan ke to rafti. Maziar Fallahi – delam beshkane harfi nist. Bezar Dastatoo Too Dastaam.