The Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara Shiva come together to create a powerful female form with ten arms – Goddess Durga or ‘Mahamaya’, the Mother of the Universe who embodies the primeval source of all power. The main purpose of Chandi is to glorify Shakti. The Chandi shows how much power women can wield, how they can work independently, and face boldly even the worst challenges of life without unduly depending on men. Durga Puja starts from September It was only recorded in , after which the recorded version was played everywhere. The Chandi shows to what heights this empowerment can be raised.

mahishasura mardini stotram birendra krishna bhadra

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The story element speaks of the increasing cruelty of the demon king Mahisasura against the gods.

mahishasura mardini stotram birendra krishna bhadra

The second purpose of the Chandi is to depict the reality of evil. Why Birendra Krishna Bhadra is still relevant to Bengalis https: Shakti is generally regarded as the feminine principle. Why Birendra Krishna Bhadra is still relevant to Bengalis.

This program has become synonymous with Mahalaya which is celebrated to usher the Debipaksha lunar fortnight and the Durga Puja.

The gods, dejected and humiliated went to Lord Brahmathe god of creation. It was only recorded inafter which the recorded version was played everywhere. Finally, the mantra narration ends with the refrain of mankind’s supplication before this Supreme Power:.

Mahalaya by Birendra Krishna Bhadra

A mature and realistic understanding of the Divine in the context of the real situations in human life and krihsna is necessary to understand the true significance of Chandi. Vice, wickedness, cruelty, injustice, suffering – all these are as much real as virtue, love, compassion, cooperation etc.


mahishasura mardini stotram birendra krishna bhadra

Mahisasura Mardini is the fierce form of Goddess Durga Maa an incarnation of Goddess Parvathiwhere Durga Maa is depicted with 10 arms who rides on a lion or tiger carrying weapons and assumes symbolic hand gestures or mudras.

Shakti is the dynamic aspect of the ultimate reality known as Brahman.

Mahalaya 2019: Why Birendra Krishna Bhadra is still relevant to Bengalis

Sahayatri, 8, Patuatola Lane, Kolkata The CD version as of contains 19 tracks. It is a one and half-hour audio montage of Chandipath chanting from Chandi recitation from the scriptural verses of Sri Sri Chandi or Durga Saptashati[2] Bengali devotional songs, classical music and a dash of acoustic melodrama.

The gory scene depicted by the image of Durga, and the blood-curdling descriptions of a warrior Goddess exterminating hordes of evil doers drenching the earth with blood, may be enigmatic and repulsive to some people, especially to those who are outside the Shakta tradition of Hinduism.

This way, Mahisasurmardini took a permanent place in the heart of Bengali as well as Indian culture. The gods then projected their energy from their bodies and evoked a new form of energy. She is one and yet known by many names. This energy then crystallised into the heavenly form of a Goddess.

So mmahishasura was his version of the recitation that when inthe voice of noted Bengali actor, Uttam Kumar was employed for the programme and renamed it as Durga Durgatiharini did not get favorable response from the audience and it was shifted back to the original version of Birendra Krishna Bhadra.


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Mahisasuramardini (radio programme) – Wikipedia

Views Read Edit View history. Adi Shakti is not a disinterested spectator of the drama of human life. Chandi stogram not a book of romance. This page was last edited on 30 Septemberat It was on the day of Mahalaya, the beginning of “Devipaksha”, that the gods and goddesses woke up to prepare themselves for Durga Puja. Heaven and earth rejoice at her victory. Nor does it promise krisha utopian world. Armed with weapons of all kinds, the Mother Goddess defeated the Asurasthus ending the rule of evil forces.

Home Lifestyle Art and Culture Mahalaya She is an active participant. The waking up of Lord Vishnu was possible only because the Supreme Goddess who was in the form of Yognidra Devi left him. The Goddess then emerged in full battle array to combat Mahisasura. After a birensra combat the ‘Durgatinashini’ is able to slay the ‘Asura’ king with her trident.