Decimal to Fraction MS Excel tool that calculates the fractional equivalent of a decimal value. Magic Zoom Plus caches resized images. The free trial uses exactly the same functionality as the full license, so you won’t miss out. You may pay someone to create your store, or you visit our seminar and become a professional yourself with the silver certification. Authors from magictoolbox have created at least 3 great extensions for different stores, especially for HikaShop:

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It has already been selected by more than 2, people VirtueMart users over the past 8 years. Only one of 40 settings in just a couple of clicks can save several hours llus programming. Which means fewer image downloads. The free trial uses exactly the same functionality as the full license, so you won’t miss out.

Magic Zoom Plus™

The effect can be applied to any image on your site by simply adding the “MagicZoom” class. Displays such amazing detail as if the products were real. How to put a license? Module position If you don’t see Magic Zoom Mayic component for VirtueMart working, please change the module position here: Your big images will be automatically resized by VirtueMart to suitable sizes throughout your website. The user just moves their mouse over image and the high-res zoom up is rev.


We update our modules as soon as new versions of VirtueMart is released. Choose your control manager magiv. Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. Simply select the parameters on the module settings page. Magic Zoom Plus requires no jQuery3rd party library or framework.

Option to initialize on click of additional images. Flexible Virtuemart Zoom Effect. Without left links and third-party code! Home Forum Extensions Developer Portal. Magic Zoom Plus caches resized images. Zoomed image can now be set as a percentage or pixels. Excel calculate decimal calculation decimal number decimal. Do not worry if you have a magic zoom plus virtuemart of “weighty” products. Does not bind to the domain! Check out Magic Zoom Plus! Big images are best We recommend you upload the large version of your product images px or bigger if possible.

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Magic zoom plus virtuemart to expand Activate the Magic Scroll to use organized thumbnails on viryuemart product page: Go ahead and buy a Magic Zoom Plus license.


Magic Zoom Plus for Virtuemart v4. This VirtueMart component reveals a glorious image zoom on hover and big full-screen version on click. Sometimes the amount includes setting, Specify in the support service! Popular Search Transfer JAVA Applets add file upload add file download applets Products showcase showcase menu structure menu event website menu website picture gallery picker control activate system information PC Power Suite 2-Dimensional chessboard track game.

It’s simple to use, just drag any image onto the Boxoft Flash Zoom Magicthen copy the folder it creates to your web site – no Magic Zoom Plus for Redshop v1. If you already have a free and fully functional trial version, you can buy Magic Magic PLUS from the Magic Zoom Commercial folder purchased from us – which removes the text “trial version”, and take the file “magiczoomplus.