Its a firmware augmentation. ROM dumper needs larger timeout on slower computers; undo unwanted changes from cb d0c To restore ML defaults: Did you miss your activation email? Disable “Beep” or set “Touch to Bug Tracker – 70D. Discovered while running lua API tests.

magic lantern 70d

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I have never had any major issues with ML other than a few system hangs.

Magic Lantern now working on Canon 70D (both versions) – EOSHD

It only displays ML when i put in the sd card with it? Alpha4 Properties are enabled now. They fixed that a version or two back.

magic lantern 70d

Beta-2b re-enabled arrow shortcuts as requested use metering button as instructed in help menu. Johnny, the menu override in Canon menu while selecting the option to format card works. I still use ML on my 5dII. What do you think? If you need any details from my camera to assist with building support let me know and will pull what I can.

Use Magic lantern to Supercharge Your DSLR

Download contains custom cr2hdr versions for windows thx Audionut. Bug Tracker – 70D. I soo totally disagree with this article and it is biased bad journalism as I almost always see on this site in my opinion.


magic lantern 70d

All software is built using open source elements I just checked and Lightroom uses SQLite and is written, at least in part, in Lua. A consequence of this is that it isn’t available for newer Canon cameras and may take a long time to become available. Don’t blame anyone later for what you decide to do to your own cam. The ML Forums are filled with similar troubleshooting issues. We never had any problem using it. Now, to enable or disable various magic lantern features, you can press the trash button to bring up the options menu.

Hi guy Just to see if I understand. Understood and accepted this red marked warning from above? There are a lot of advanced features that I have yet to experiment with.

To get a decent post processing for these footages its more like a studio team and render servers etc completly different stuff: Check source code for lantwrn changes ROM dumper needs larger timeout on slower computers; undo unwanted changes from cb d0c My concern was when a friend said that lantsrn 70D still hadn’t gotten Magic Lantern, and the 80D was already out.


Installing magic lantern could seem tricky at first, especially if you are a first time user.

Do We Still Need Magic Lantern?

Alpha4b New firmware installer. But Magic Lantern lets you shoot it natively. So if at any time you wish to remove magic lantern, just format your SD card.

magic lantern 70d

Let’s restore ML help together! Torios New to the forum Posts: Not only is the 80D not officially supported, but the 70D is still a work in process.

This is what magic lantern refers to as the boot flag and the reason you have to go through the firmware update process to set it up.

Make sure you have a backup card without Magic Lantern on it just in case. Though, do note that using magiic lantern on your DSLR may void your camera warranty, so proceed at your own risk. Well, not everyone can afford a new camera.