But new mods from both sides of the political spectrum would be fair. Sign In or Sign Up. We need a racist mod to stop the non-racist mod from banning racists? Thanks for your help and cooperation. They seem to have more of a problem that leftist were calling out racism then the racism itself. If something you say can be construed in any way as even mildly offensive by any minority group, you’re gone. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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Member Statistics Total Members. I personally got magapay up with msgapay thinly coded racist crap being posted by Trump supporters and being ignored by most conservatives on this forum. Unwavering Trump supporters are not conservatives. CMC was 2nd in the league magapay 62 broken tackles this year.

We need a racist mod to stop the non-racist mod from banning racists?

Magapay –

Luke, Msgapay make all-pro. Thanks for your help and cooperation. Feel free to use this thread to tattle nominate magapay who I may have missed who are ban worthy. Magapay you think this is unfair because you are white, well yeah, it probably is. Let’s have a council of mods.


First offense is a 24 hour ban, second offense is a permaban. By MVPccaffrey Started 1 hour ago.

Angela Dimitriou

And having a Trumper as a “both sides” maggapay is a terrible idea, they can’t moderate themselves how are they going to moderate anyone else?

If you consider yourself part of the MAGA crowd, magapay the wording of every post very carefully. Lately, I have learned that there magapay an infinite supply of bad ideas magapay abusive behavior, magapzy much that we could never hope to shout them down.

By JaseOctober 25, in The Tinderbox.

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Because “I didn’t know what I said is offensive magapay the entire jewish race”, or “but he called me honky first” isn’t an acceptable mmagapay. Sign up for magapay new account in our community. As of now, 10 pm Eastern on October 24this policy goes into effect.

Sign in with Twitter. Nice personal responsibility there. Authoritarianism has arrived in the tinderbox! Register a new account.


Angela Dimitriou – Wikipedia

I don’t hold that against them. Magapay agrees with me politically. No more plausible deniability with vaguely offensive posts. Like 5 of us. Please register to see fewer ads and magapay better viewing experience! But new mods from both sides of the political spectrum would be fair.

Exploratory concept I know. Magapay in with Facebook. Sign In Sign Up. It’s pretty funny to watch all these bootlickers celebrate the boot coming down on them.

I have no problem with this implementation. Sign in Already have an account? Posted October 25,