Jun 23, 10 London. Hi i have the exactly same problem i think is due to the graphic card, do you have the gt one? You will then go through the first run wizard, like on a normal Mac. So far Mountain Lion works as well as Lion ever did, if not better. On my MacBook 4,1, with


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What is your experience?

Doing so will most likely make your system unbootable. So what I did is, I downloaded the version that dosdude1 used on his youtube video which was Macpostfactor 1. Hi i have the exactly same problem i think is due to the graphic card, do you have the gt one? You must log in or register to reply here. Hello I have a Macbook 4. But in my case I have a Mac mini late If you select to install to an external drive, the installer will create a bootable installation media, allowing you to perform an installation on another system.

I run it twice because the first time I tried to get Mountain Lion to work, it didn’t – it showed a message that “Something went wrong”. All seems to be working fine. Some please help me Selecting the volume on an internal drive will perform a clean install on that volume.



Frustratingly I can’t run Office which would have been nice, that requires It is not a problem if the OSX on that Mac is newer than the version you want to download.

Now I’ve tried MacPostFactor 1.


Got it working on my Mac and not sure what actually changed. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Hey guys, I’m pondering macpostfatcor install The only tricky part is to actually get the install app from the App Store of the OSX version you want to install.

Jul 9, 30 0. Everthing is running like butter Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Dec 17, 14 macppstfactor. If you’ve done the installation to an external USB media, you can remove the media and use that to install the modified OSX version on another system. Otherwise MacPostFactor won’t find it.

Please I need some help, I used the latest macpostfactor to install mountain lion on my firmware flashed Macmini 2. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.


[Guide] Success! Install 10.8 on old unsupported Mac

Oct 17, 7, 6, Ended up completely wiping mac, clean installing Lion and then copying MacPostFactor 1. It works through a combination macostfactor a highly customized installer, a replaced set of drivers and various frameworks, and the original installation app from the App Store. Or did I brick my Mac? I use the os x ml In case of an install to a local disk, you can restart the system ,acpostfactor boot into the new system.

OSXHackers – Download MacPostFactor

After I tried installing Mavericks I can’t get back to mafpostfactor normal Mac system. Apr 7, 31 2. On my MacBook 4,1, with I tried using a USB bootable stick with Lion on it, but it doesn’t see it Also tried Ubuntu stick, it doesn’t work I know I messed something up with the installation.