Coco Macne Black Eastern Name: Coco Black’s voice is louder and deeper then her twin sister coco White’s vocal and designed to sound “cool”. According to the story of Macne Coco Black’s development, Coco Black was originally based on a waitress and different sizes of skirt length and design were explored. In comparison to Nana, Coco White’s voice is softer and more mature, and is referred to as “the voice of healing”. She has a magic transformation wand from her ancestors and is a transformed version of Macne Petit.

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Macne Coco White

According to the story of Macne Coco White’s developement, one of the suggested colour schemes for Coco White was a macne coco white Kimono with black tights Coco Black’s colour scheme. In February she returned with macne coco mache and cocl boxart. Although generally the quiet one, she would rather have a conversation with someone then watch things go wrong. In late December, the concept of turning all the Macne series into Vocaloid were spoken about.

Following the release of the Vocaloid “Neo” version for the Mac, several hints were left on Macne Nana’s Twitter macne coco an official Vocaloid voicebank was in progress. Find out what you cofo do. In comparison to Nana, Coco White’s voice is softer and more mature, and is referred to as “the voice of healing”.


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Watch headings for an “edit” link when available. Her twin sister was planned, but kept mscne during development to be a surprise. Electronic musical macne coco Singing software synthesizers.

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Macne series – Wikipedia

The story of the black and white twins had been pulled up from the beginning was how to make their attire different from macne coco other. Therefore, in nacne to continue the Macne series and create new characters, other singers had to be brought in.

In her profile it questions why Petit was given the wand and who this girl of mystery Sasayaki is. According to his profile he is hardly home and is often flying around the macne coco, but ensures that treasures and parts are sent back home every month from his travels. A note was put on her products details alerting users that “Macne Coco” and “Macne Coco White” were the same product therefore there was no need to purchase Macne Coco White if the user had the original Macne Coco vocal.

Click here to cocoo contents of this page. Since they had the same voice provider, it was decided that she would carry the “Macne Coco” name, just macne coco Macne Nana and Macne Petit have the “Nana” naming.


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Her voice is sampled from Kikuko Inoue. Her vocal is made up of units in total. Retrieved from ” http: Image by Gomoku Akatsuki feature cover for mzcne, a magazine that was Macne oriented.

There were only 3 issues. Together, she and Macne Coco Black macne coco currently the eldest daughters of the Macne family. Something does not work as expected? Contents [ show ].


Her voicebank download can be purchased at the official Macne. Kikuko Inoue was the first vocalist brought onto the new project. Character Macne coco Original store Coco Black product page. Macne Coco Black helped establish the growing regards of the Macne vocals as a single family unit with the two Coco sisters being dubbed Macne Nana’s elder twin sisters due to their ages and in turn Macne Papa ‘s two eldest daughters.