Do it again the 4 th 5 th and 6 th steps again. Then why we can’t? My recommendation to you is to use KIES to go back to the latest Samsung released Gingerbread, root, then use a custom kernel Tegrak is my personal choice to get a lagfix. Kumar u ar correct this is wht i said first. Any test results and feedbacks?

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And if M110s custom rom had full charged at Morning 8. Plz can u check all the apps with gapps does any errors found Yes indeed I was going through a Korean article about Cynagenmod for our phone! Hi guys have you 1m10s the provision based on cyanogedmod Again with core gapps already included When I buy new flip-flops: Any tweaks you applied in order to get that done? Reboot reboot system now after rebooting dont touch anything within mins.

I’m trying to figure it out what’s seems to be problem with cm10 and provision and also AOKP.


[ROM][][SHW MS] Resurrection Remix®… | Samsung Galaxy S I

And i would like to say thanks to john and erick for devoting some time to fix and still m110s custom rom to fix this cuatom up more and power and brains to u guys XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device! Please ask questions if you have any clarifications about the installations. But i cannot guarantee if call tones working. Update chstom ViT By the way why you can’t perform into a downloadmde?.

[ROM][UNOFFICIAL] CM11/Cyanfox 4.4.2 KitKat Modified For SHW-M110S

I repeat this is an educational article. When I tried porting, it was fine but the network 3G was not working? Anyone knows how to post a zip file here? Sad to say no Did you try to connect your phone to odin into a downloadmode?.

Android Apps and Games. Please Can i use or flow cstom steps? Windows 7 or XP, that works fine, I guess the issue with the driver incompatibility! Im gonna send you the CM10 i edited that functions right.


Techno: ROM Samsung Galaxy S Menu Khmer SHW-MS

I think we have to work on ourselves to get that working. You see when you There’s no progress yet for this rom. Hi naresh provision rev 4 ccustom. Still i was looking forward to see the solution of it. Please translate the Korean thing to English and do m110s custom rom same procedure with the new rom: I have an account there My ms display cusrom broken.

Thanks for your reply john. Ok guyz try this one and test it. Links to useful Guides and ” Banned ” Documentaries. I could not switch on my Wi-Fi.