Views Read Edit View history. In this episode, Izet gets Makzusija’s in Herzegovina, from Ante. Damir goes to a video rental store and accidentally rents a gay porno. Humorous talk show about a teacher and his middle-aged students who attend night school. There is taken hostage by Rabija, Izet, Faruk, Damir, Ajna, Laura and Sanjin, a gay man who was Faruk urged to persuade Ajna’s boyfriend that he was gay, because Grdoba Ajna’s boyfriend believed that there is nothing to Ajnom.

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Izet wants to call upon his dead wife in order to tell him where she put the secret savings. A comedy about five young epizod who happen to live in the same building and gather in lud zbunjen normalan 32 epizoda pub called “Bitange i princeze”. Learn more More Like Zbunjsn. Izet wants to see a close-up of electricity.

Izet saves them by when he discovers that the rifle that is abomination took only one shot, and the abomination of anger fired a bullet into the ceiling after Izet tried to escape.

Damir Fazlinovic episodes, Tatjana Sojic Ako nisi siguran da li si u snu ili na javi, nazovi Pamelu Anderson i pitaj je da ima seks sa tobom. He realized that he wants to be killed by Fadila the asks Izet to help him save his head. Search for ” Lud, zbunjen, normalan ” on Amazon. After that, Nevena and Izet met in the hotel and Nevena left Izet a lud zbunjen normalan 32 epizoda of money before she went back to London.


August Learn how and when to remove this template message. The season contained 40 episodes. This article is an orphanas epioda other articles link to it. List of Lud, zbunjen, normalan characters. zbunnjen

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This is the last episode for season Damir comes over to Izets so they can go and bail Faruk out forgetting the suitcase full of money in his apartment, while he is at Izet’s his wife opens the suitcase sees the large amount of money decides to call her new man and she steals all the money. Meanwhile Damir and Izet are at San Remos drinking suddenly Faruk enters the door and thanks them for bailing him out of lud zbunjen normalan 32 epizoda, which confuses they since they didn’t have the money after it got stolen.

They all live in Sarajevo in an apartment complex. The show’s title refers to the three main characters, with Izet being Lud crazyFaruk being Zbunjen confused and Damir being Normalan normal. Izet starts to talk to a woman over the internet and it turns out to be someone he already knows, one of the cast members.

Izet’s father Muharem returns to Sarajevo to give Izet’s family a lot of money and properties. Konak kod Hilmije TV Series Ivana went to Germany. Retrieved from ” https: Sumnja je sasvim dovoljan povod da se nekoga proglasi homoseksualcem, pa makar je to on i stvarno”. A new woman shows up and Dino hits it off with her, but there is something that Faruk knows about her that Dino does not. Yes No Report this.


Lud, zbunjen, normalan Ep 30 – Kurs engleskog (CIJELA EPIZODA)

Izet accidentally becomes a Russian doctor in a gathering at Damir’s and Inese’s college. Izet has a son Faruk, who in turn has a son Damir. The series also featured a number of guest stars.

Nekad je bolje da ti kasnis, nego da tebe cekaju”. This is a continuation from episode 43, where Izet thinks he is hallucinating things and people, while his doctor confirms that and Faruk and Damir try to use that to their advantage, but Izet has a surprise for them.

Izet got a job at Stjepan’s cafe as a pizza delivery guy. The series premiered on 2 Lud zbunjen normalan 32 epizoda Faruk and Damir find out that Izet has a testament written, but they only receive two minor gifts, while his love Spomenka is written to get the apartment and money, so the two of them call Samir in order to change the testament behind Izet’s back, but something unexpected happens.