Traditional vsync may seem like the more efficient approach. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2. Both features rely on knowledge of the display refresh cycle to determine when and where screen tearing occurs. That means unseen frames are processed faster, the game loop runs faster still, and input responsiveness is, hopefully, even higher. Virtu MVP offers power efficiency benefits, as well.

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Lucid Virtu MVP Mobile

You just need a license, but they don’t sell to consumers. Lucid’s lucid virtu mvp mobile intercepts DirectX calls from games and other applications and fulfills them with the help of the GPUs, to whom it doles out work. When both features are enabled, Virtual Vsync discards surplus frames cirtu usual, and HyperFormance jumps in to ensure those surplus frames aren’t fully rendered by the GPU.

Lucid’s timing algorithms run on the Intel IGP, so the discrete Vittu doesn’t need to mobie any extra work to keep track of frames on the display; it’s free to devote all of its attention to rendering.

That’s because limiting the frame rate can also slow down the game’s main program loop, which processes all of those inputs every time it runs.

MAINGEAR Laptops Now Offered w/ Lucid Virtu MVP Mobile Software – Legit Reviews

Share This Page Tweet. USB Type-C is getting safer with cryptographic authentication. Dell returns to the stock market after six years. Optimus determines lucid virtu mvp mobile the IGP or the discrete GPU drives the display, calling upon the discrete GPU only when the user runs graphically demanding tasks like games.


We’ve spoken with Lucid about them multiple times, and whenever we press for details, the company’s explanations tend to be either not entirely clear or a little bit evasive. Cheers In the case you haven’t heard about it: K-L-Waster I also don’t have permission to buy a monitor. Big news, no news, and future news. So when will it be available for everyone?

Lucid Virtu MVP Mobile | NotebookReview

Lucid virtu mvp mobile Lucid virtj doesn’t want to get down too deep in mobkle nitty-gritty of things with journalists, lest competitors figure out the recipe to its special sauce. The exact mechanics involved elude us. Arpanet designer Larry Roberts dies at The GPU still does the same amount of rendering work, but surplus frames are never sent to the display. Starlight5Aug 11,in forum: If the GPU is too slow, the display might have to re-draw part of a stale frame until the next frame comes along.

We’ll tell you what vlrtu know about them, but we should explain up front that piecing together a crystal-clear picture of these features’ inner workings has proven to be rather difficult. The MVP software also includes Virtual Vsync, which is meant to eliminate screen tearing without compromising input responsiveness, and HyperFormance, which is supposed to boost responsiveness further. However, tasks like post-processing and some shader effects can be skipped altogether.


Enabling traditional vsync would lengthen those refresh cycles to Gaming Software luccid Graphics Cards.

A look at Lucid’s Virtu MVP Mobile

Does anyone can say something about it? Those are dubbed Virtual Vsync and HyperFormance. Users also have the option of connecting the display to the discrete GPU, a setup Lucid refers to as d-Mode.

Virtual Vsync can be complemented by HyperFormance. Windows OS and Software.

Sounds pretty much like a free lunch. The result is visually similar. This approach doesn’t present the same power-saving benefits as i-Mode, but it does enable full access to mohile proprietary control panels and driver optimizations of GPU vendors like AMD and Nvidia. Both features rely on knowledge of the display refresh cycle to determine when and where screen tearing occurs.