When you build luabind, lua and you project, make sure you link against the runtime dynamically as a dll. On a lower level, stdout and stderr can also be redirected to achieve the same for any printf and cout call. July 13, at The operator bool is an alias for this member function and also works just as the one found in object. This is to make it easy for that constructor to call its base class’ constructor.


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If you encounter this problem you can disable precompiled headers for the compilation unit cpp-file that uses luabind. I would like to build luabind with VS Can you show what you header files you included?

If you want to specify policies to your function call, you can use index-operator operator[] on the function call, and give the policies within the [ and ]. If you want to manipulate the object with lua functions directly you can push it onto the lua stack by calling pushvalue.

One that returns the type of const version of the smart pointer type boost:: Currently the functor can have at most one return value unlike lua functions.

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User now can write something like this in my Lua codes:. If you don’t call this function you will hit asserts ljabind in the library.


This treats the given object as an instance of a class. This should be enough to get you up to speed with LuaBind. Could you please publish the luabind package you used and maybe a short description how to build? January 25, at 5: All lua functions take any luabine of parameters of any type.

See the properties section.


For example when using std:: It’s important that all instances of object have been destructed by the time the lua state is closed. It is extremely important that your application has the same settings as the library was built with. This library was inspired by Dave Abrahams’ Boost. You can use that by utilizing the return value policies that luabind offers. That’s why we need one function that calls the base luabidn real function used if the lua class doesn’t redefine it and one virtual function that dispatches the call into luabind, to allow it to select if a lua function should be called, or if the original function should be called.


You are commenting using your Google account. But If you want to be able to subtract ordinary numbers from your class too, you have to manually check the type of both operands, including the self object. Your email address will not be published. luabin


luabind beta documentation

If you take it as a parameter, it will only match functions. A simple example of this is to register one function that takes an int and one that takes a float.

The object class has the following synopsis:. Read about how to declare enums. More about the actual declarations in the Binding functions to lua and Binding classes to lua sections.


If the lua state is valid you can use it to retrieve the error message from the top of the luabinr stack. If this macro is defined, all the lua code is expected only to make legal calls.

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If you want to change the settings of the library, you can modify the config-file. The class’ constructor or member function threw an unknown exception. How to bind a std:: July 17, at 3: