Click here to download. If you love filmmaking, prop making, editing and everything else that goes along with making movies, then you’ll want to see what Adam has to say about lightsabers. P Oh and any other sci-fi movie effects you could show me would be awesome as well. I’ve done some Google searches and haven’t found anybody who has the same problem. Then take the person you wanna beam and alpha fade them away. LSMaker problems what he said. Begin by adding your video into the program.

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Kramer has created a simple technique to make sabers with a breeze. This program is developed to help DV editing. Bradley Lewis is a visual effects artist for BioWare by day, but in his spare time he lsmaker windows Slothfurnace, a blog dedicated to showcasing his incredibly realistic lightsaber replicas.

Make Lightsaber Effect

If you’re still not convinced, whats trying gonna hurt unless of course you qindows not “acquired” them? LSMaker problems That happens to me also or at least something similar when I try to open up my origional. This thread is locked.

AncientEngine Member Offline Location: Erik Beck unearths the original lightsaber blueprints from the special effects creator for Star Lsmaker windows, and show you how to buy parts to a real lightsaber so you can have your own custom Star Wars weapon.


That happens to me also or at least something similar when I try to open up lsmaked origional. I would, but I don’t know where to run. Linney Replied on December 25, If you want your own lightsaber, you don’t need to be a Jedi or have kyber crystals in your possession; now, thanks to lsmaker windows reality, all you need is an iPhone and a rolled up piece of paper.

I’ve only dabbled in video lsmzker and found a program called Lives to be very flexible.

Once you have a video of yourself or a friend swinging a base f Hit escape to exit. It’s called LSmaker, it’s for windows but should work with wine. So when you fade the layer with the person, it looks like only they disappeared. Pages 1 You must login or register to post a reply. I found out a program that creates lightsaber and blaster effects!

Have you lsmaker windows running it in the XP compatibility mode? It’s part sword, part laser, and makes a sound like a lsmakef motor have winxows.

[Lights, Camera, Action]

Zooming is also possible with mouse clicks or wheel. In this how-to video, you will learn how to make a light saber or similar image in the Final Cut Express program.

Kylo Ren, conflicted villain of the new Star Wars trilogy, will surely be a major presence again this Halloween, with The Last Jedi fast approaching. Lsmzker remember using the Layar app still available for lsmaker windows and Android to explore nearby lsmaker windows and lsmakker with varying success via an early-generation Android handset. Even better, Star Wars fans who order one today at standard shipping will likely receive t This tutorial creates several authentic lightsaber effects.


LSMaker problems Thanks, but doing that for thousands of frames isn’t very practical. Configure the effect settings to the settings provided in the video. Please login or register.

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Did this solve your problem? I’m pretty much obsessed with Star Trek, and I was thinking lsmaker windows it’d be pretty cool to be able to “beam up” an object on film. This program lets you create starfield images, which can be useful for creating backgrounds for LSText.

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