Fender Rhodes electric piano synthesizer no samples. Chorus, delay and pan effects also provided. If you know a VST that belong on the list, ao know some for a Linux, or x10 list, let us know about in in forum. Polyphonic synthesizer with 84 oscillator types, 23 spectral modifiers, 38 different filter types, arpeggiator with 21 settings. Virtual poly synth with 3 oscillators: Omnisone – Spatial Processor 1. Please feel free to add any that you find to work also or not.

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This is the old version, but it’s free. Pitch bender with 3 fixed ranges. It can be used both for educational lmms 0.4.4 and creating different musical effects. MIDI channel must be set to “All”. Sync and ring-modulation, flexible modulation routings. Three oscillators with level, ratio and offset controls, AR envelope, with pipe filterBiquad, Butterworth and Chebyshev filters, sequencer, flanger and reverb effects.

: lmms package : Debian

Includes reverb, chorus and delay effects. Great for fat leads, keys, arps and basses but lousy for pads.


See the plugin page for all plugins that are inbuilt in LMMS. Polyphonic emulation of the Korg PS polyphonic hardware synth.

There is no guarantee that they will definitely work with your system though. Up to 04.4 voices polyphony. Badly in need lmms 0.4.4 a unison mode or chorus effect. If the VST in question is in this list. Sytrus Hybrid Synthesizer – subtractive but addictive. Great for guitars, drums and plenty more!

Timemachine – Vintage Sampler 1. Demo Fails, full version works in win Chorus, noise, ring modulation. Delay and reverb effects. These are the waveforms you obtain when the modulation level is at its maximum.

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Drawbar organ with percussion, key click, vibrato and unison. PC-2 Pschoacoustic Compressor 1. Virtual digital-analog synth with Amplitude Modulation and 3 oscillators: Polyphonic synthesizer with 84 oscillator types, 23 spectral modifiers, 38 different filter types, lmms 0.4.4 with 21 settings.

Specializes in plucked or struck tones. This perceptual loudness model is combined with advanced attack and release stages that model peripheral adaptation of the human auditory nerve.

lmms 0.4.4-1 source package in Debian

Glitch chops up your audio in real-time and applies a variety of effects which can either be chosen at random, manually sequenced, or a mixture lmms 0.4.4 both. Synth1 is a virtual analogue synth modeled on the Clavia Nord Lead 2. LP filter, filter and amp EGs with 3 modes: Conventional compressors are based on peak or rms-level estimation to compute their time-variant gain or attenuation.


User selectable Note Polyphony. Omnisone is lmms 0.4.4 free spatial image processor VST plugin, with control of the side signal level, means to enhance the ambiance, and to re-pan both input signals individually, even outside the loudspeaker base. ErsDrums is a VST 2. Virtual additive synthesizer with 16 partials per waveform, each assignable to “modulation groups. Modulation section including FM, phaser and delay effects, panning.

Analog-style synth with two multimode filters.