Of how it twists. But for all it’s worth, you should at least know I’ve tried. First of all, this is not ‘love’, it is a man who is obsessed with a woman. That would be a great picture of justice. I’ve written a more in-depth review here. And then she went on what was essentially an extended forced vacation and fell out of love with him.

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There is the great platonic love between the hero and his female colleague and friend, Leona. There was barely any dialogue which irritated me.

The love story of Florentino and Fermina is one that will forever be remembered, the perfect novel to illustrate “fate” and “destiny”. Also, amongst the gross and awful things with this book.

Are you kidding me?! I would have to dig in my long term memory to remember the details. Going Home 1 7 Dec 18, It kept me from feeling connected to the characters. So in case of Heresie a disease of the koolere a relapse is irrecoverable.

Ljubav u doba kolere by Gabriel García Márquez (3 star ratings)

Oh and let’s talk about how he screws everything that moves. He’s not a hero, he’s a dumbass! Florentino Ariza, at the age of seventy-four ljubav u doba kolere the guardian of a fourteen-year-old girl whom he then has a sexual affair with.


I am compelled to blame my lack of appreciation on poor reader comprehension ljjbav than Ljubac writing, because only one of us won the nobel prize and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me. As I said, voba ensued. Glorification of rape being one. Fermina Daza was almost likable; I was almost there with her, but then I realized that there wasn’t anything really likable about her. Sorry Love in the Time of Cholera it just seems that your writing style was not my cup of tea and I really don’t want to waste more time on you.

I did enjoy Fermina Daza’s character though. This is not a love ljubav u doba kolere.

Mare (Split, Croatia)’s review of Ljubav u doba kolere

June 4, — Shelved as: It was an obsession born out of nothing. Colombia CartagenaColombia. The writing really redeemed it, however, and made the experience pleasurable overall. It was well-written, interesting, and original.

And if the author actually believes in this kind of crap, then he needs to check himself into a mental institution. It is a well-written piece of crap, in a nutshell.

However, I’m no idiot either, so I’ll at least take the liberty to explain my grievances: The party duly convicted of Heresie, may recall, and abjure his opinion, and thereby save his life, but a Relapse is fatall: But maybe I missed the point. How I wish I could have taken a dive in the setting and saved that “full-fledged woman”. Isn’t it nice to love someone so fiercely that you start idolizing them?


This is a book about a weak man, who has been obsessed with a married ljubav u doba kolere for over 50 years!!!

Ljubav u doba kolere

He is a mummy’s boy and not in a good way, she does anything and everything for him and he gratefully takes advantage of this, His opinion of women was also extremely disrespectful. Is the author serious with this? And then finally the mature and measured love between the protagonists in the later years – far less carnally passionate than most of the other loves h their lives as constrained by their physical capabilitiesbut no less intense. It was agonizing to get through.