The image file is opened in PS as a file type that you choose in your export preferences. Click somewhere on the canvas, hold, and drag. Click Invert All in the Mask Options area of the dialog box. Uses only pixels that are selected and currently frozen. Choose any of the liquify tools to distort the preview image.

liquify filter cs6

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On the right-hand side, click “Restore All” if desired. Applying Liquify as a smart filter Creative Cloud only.

Photoshop Liquify Filter – Tips and Tricks – Improve Photography

Log In via Login Sign Up. You can apply filters or create adjustment layers above or clipped to the smart object but you just can’t actually work on the smart object itself.

Controls how a brush feathers at the edge. Alternatively, click “OK” to save changes and add them to the image. If a selection exists, the filter limits the preview and processing to the rectangular area containing that selection. See Apply smart filters in Photoshop to understand how.

Use the Liquify filter

Click Cancel to close the Liquify dialog box without applying changes to the layer. Use the Liquify filter Search.


To apply the last saved distortion mesh, click Load Last Mesh. Adobe Photoshop User Guide.

To invert frozen and thawed areas, click Invert All in the Mask Options area of the dialog box. Make sure the correct layer is selected.

Then, in the Revert Reconstruction dialog box, specify an amount and click OK. Shows the selection, mask, or transparency in the original image. Setting the Opacity to 0 shows only the target layer with the full effects of the Liquify filter. He is very much into the entire process from capture to post production and all points in between.

Photoshop Liquify Filter – Tips and Tricks

Lover of all things vintage and holistic healing. The distortion is concentrated at the center of the brush area, and the effect intensifies as you hold down the mouse button or repeatedly drag over an area.

liquify filter cs6

Meshes applied to Smart Objects are compressed and re-editable. Here is what a mesh looks like below:. Click Invert All in the Mask Options area of the dialog box.

liquify filter cs6

Use Liquify in Photoshop CS6. VisiHow welcomes all comments. Click somewhere on the canvas, hold, and drag. For best results, rotate any titled faces before applying the settings.


You can choose one of the following mask options: The trick is to just start and do it! Reward our volunteer authors.

Use the Liquify filter in Adobe Photoshop

It is a good practice to get into the habit of working on adjustment layers that are independent of the PIXEL containing layers. To apply the Liquify filter as a smart filter: Uses pressure readings from a stylus tablet. Although admittedly exaggerated for this explanation, you can see the various sliders and how they affect the models face.

Inverting thawed and frozen areas. You can also right click on the layer in the layers panel and choose convert to smart object. Select the layer you want to distort.

liquify filter cs6