I got a couple of requests recently to do a walkthrough of the new gameplay, so Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Appreciate the video unreal, I am curious, are you running any taxi fix mods or are you not needing to due to only one or two custom vehicles? You have to have a lot going on on my PC anyway to make that happen, like too many backup cars piling up. You can expect a part 2 video, probably tomorrow evening. By unr3al , July 20, in Media. Once in a while the building render issue pops up, but it’s rare.

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LCPD First Response – Version Beta 1 Walkthrough – Как поздравить с Днем Рождения

When are you coming online in Steam? Register a new account. Posted July 21, fersion I have a favor to ask I’ve been looking for that siren forever do you happen to have a link to it? Really nice video man: At any rate, enjoy the video.

By unr3alJuly 20, in Media. Posted July 20, Nice video mate this will be helpful.


You did a great job of showing off the new features, while providing some okay commentary. I’ll work on some more as time permits.

And yay you used a skin that i sent you lol. I’m an American, so Beya may sound different in my commentary than other members of our community. Nice video cowboy Edited July 20, by taximan5.

I decided to use the traditional CVPI with the light bar on top, rather than the slick top, and I am on the second island for a change of scenery. Posted July 23, edited. This mod has some issues that need to be worked on, wallthrough original testers including myself will make sure they are addressed.

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So I ripped off one you made. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

LCPD First Response – Version .95 Beta 1 Walkthrough

Sign in Already have an account? I’m using TrafficFlow v5 r2 but due to my low specs I have issues with the buildings not rendering approx minutes into the game.


Thank you guys again for the positive comments. As a reminder, this is a beta, so just like I’m sure the devs don’t want, I don’t want to hear any bitching about the glitches now that the Beta release is public. Thanks Jay, and thank you for posting that walkthrouvh the main page. And I’ll be online soon, Break. It should be a nice video for people who currently are using version.

Gta4:LCPD:FR Beta 2

Just me being me, I suppose. Quick update for everyone: Thank you for the positive comments all. But this is a real look into what the mod is like. I thought I’d ask, thank you for the quick reply.

Nice video, watched it and subbed. Go To Topic Listing Media.