Sunday – 1st April, Now the gam battas Rajapakses are trying to emulate the by-gones days without the Oxford type education. Sinhalese Christians, then wealthy Sinhalese, then those who have a job? It is not enough to expose the Lankadeepa news paper. We exercise this valuable right by being lazy and not voting! Yet we always let those bad fringe get away and drag us all down in Sri Lanka.

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Lock them up and throw the keys. But what we did was a major failure that can destroy the whole family including its kids. Funnily, its rare a daughter of a crook runs for election! For more detail see our Comment policy https: I was wondering lankadeepa news paper the comments I send to these news papers are not published while same lankadeeoa are published in Colombo telegraph.

Their failures and ineffectiveness should be fixed by electing good strong leaders who can implement the law and any inadequacy in legislation fixed.

English-language newspaper in Sri Lanka focusing on finance, world news, sports, local events, and more. From top to bottom are thieves, liars, thugs and looters.

Sunday Lankadeepa

Sunday – 1st October, Of course by that time the system lankadeepa news paper rigged and the laws favoured the wealthy and powerful. Sunday – 9th December, Can be nasty with no trace especially in the UK.


The newspaper published by Upali Newspapers Ltd. That was ruled out even before fire started and that was according to the Script given.

We are acting like cowards instead of being the brave parent identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the children and helping the whole family grow strong as one.

Sri Lankan Newspapers | Sinhala News

All cosmetic, no foundation!! Sri Lankans are known world wide to be much friendlier and people than most others. What an ungrateful buggers we are? Freedom has to plucked it is never given on a platter.

With pressure on Champika to resign lankadeepa news paper she has no more clothes left on her I trust there will be an editorial slant that will return to a balance. Sunday – 9th July, However, the owner of the shop while denying each and every assertion made by the newspaper in its lead story instead said that he lighted a matchstick on June 15 in the night to locate the padlocks for the three shops.

After the paper article even the Police never questioned me. That is why we all pay a lot of taxes to run the Govt. Sunday – 20th August, The owner of the news paper is a UNP MP, the editor is visited frequently by govt ministers frequently… Men made of lankadeepa news paper. Sunday – 4th March, Sunday – 28th October, Yet we always let those bad fringe get away and drag us all down in Sri Lanka.


Ajith Rohana, Police Spokesperson never said the fire of No limit was self started.

Lankadeepa Caught Lying: “Sniffer Dog Visiting Shop Owner” – Colombo Telegraph

pa;er In another lead story the Lankadeepa also said that there were petrol bombs and machets found in Dharga town a Muslim populated area, completley ignoring the ground realities of how such petrol bombs came in to place in the town.

Sunday – 15th July, Not promote violence and killing innocent people. News site in English-language published by Academic Network and featuring Sri Lanka related news and information.

Sunday – 23rd September, The lead story which was widely circulated in the social media and proved invaluable ammunition to forces which supported the Buddhist extremism purportedly stemmed from a statement by the Police spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana.

Sunday – 14th May,