Bhagyadha Lakshimi Bombay Sisters , C. Therefore their enthusiasm is naturally high. Sri Kamakshi Navavarnam – Bombay Sisters. Venkatesha Dayamado Bombay Sisters. That led to a lot of confusion.

lalitha sahasranamam sung by bombay sisters

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We sang to a strong audience in Seattle once. It is so natural that such differences are to be there! Has there not been any occasion during these years that led to sksters kind of friction or other between the two of you? Gowri Kalyanam Bombay SistersC.

We have come out with audiocassettes that contain particular varieties. Unlike the life of a man, that of the woman is full of turns and changes. The popularity of Carnatic music would never diminish.

They are known for neat renditions of songs and competent handling of improvisations. Therefore their enthusiasm is naturally high. Bhagyadha Lakshimi Bombay SistersC.


Bombay Sisters

Mooshika Vahana Bombay Sisters. But it cannot be said that our relationship is devoid of differences of opinion. That would not give a wholesome experience. It is their popularity, respect and influence among the general public that attracted us to this field and work towards that goal. Looks may be – and are – deceptive. Venkatesha Dayamado Bombay Sisters. Sri Raghavendra Navarathinamalai – Bombay Sisters.

Add to queue drop here. We were impressed by the interest shown by them.

“Lalitha Sahasranamam” sung by bombay sisters –

Sistegs Dakshinamurthy Stotras – Bombay Sisters. They are a part of our life. It cuts across barriers of age, class, language or status in society.

lalitha sahasranamam sung by bombay sisters

They do not stop with listening. They inspired us and continue to inspire us. Sri Dattatreya Suprabhatham Bombay Sisters. Sosters of Annamacharya – Bombay Sisters.

We were taken aback. Though most of us know the lyrics, many of us do not know the situation in which sidters composition was made.


Chinnachiru Kiliyae Bombay SistersC. Saraswathi Enchanting Devi Krithis Vol. Kaithala Niraikani Thirupugazh Bombay Sisters. Sri Raghavendra Kummi Bombay Sisters.

lalitha sahasranamam sung by bombay sisters

They were curious about everything. Enchanting Devi Krithis Vol. Srinivasa Srinidhe Bombay Sisters. Added to this, we are fortunate in living in a family that lends all support and co-operation and do not come in our way.